The One Piece Swimsuit – Dressed for Land


The one piece swimsuit that works as swimwear or daywear, anywhere…


Mer Ka Ba Swimwear Bast Monokini | Jeanswest pants (similar here) | Betts heels | Vintage bag | Le Specs Sunglasses
Photographer: Ryan Ammon photographer


Earlier this week, I introduced you to the Mer Ka Ba one piece swimsuit, and touched on it’s versatility and ease of wear, when hopping from water to bar. There were mixed reactions as to it’s functionality and practicality as a swimsuit (namely from men, which was quickly overshadowed by the fact it is a damn cool swimsuit!), but I still maintain that it is of utmost practicality for my ‘I think I can squeeze in a quick dip before I have to go to dinner/that function/meet my friends’ approach to summer. My spontaneous decisions to jump in a body of water, be it pool or sea, can’t get the better of me when I am already in my togs. Any swimsuit that morphs into an outfit without quite obviously being a swimsuit (or without popping out from underneath an outfit in a hideous manner – a la halter neck triangle bikinis) is a winner in my books!

Now that I am on self declared holidays, I know the ratio of water time to land time is going to be getting quite up there. As of today, a large portion of my days are going to be spent in swimwear, so it makes sense for me to be working the swimsuit into my land outfit as seamlessly as possible. Truth be told, I am more than excited to get away to my sleepy little beachside home town and while away the hours on the boat and the sand. It is a Christmas tradition – a Christmas day surrounded by my hilarious, loud, goofy family, and the pool, boat and ocean. I find it hard to imagine a snowy, Northern winter, as our balmy summer days (and sweltering in the heat of our fan-cooled grandparents’ places) and the quick escape to the beach have become synonymous with ‘that Christmas feeling’.

Over the next few days – I anticipate until the new year – things will quiet down around here. Rest assured, I still love this space, but please excuse me while I soak up the sun and all that family time! I wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year! Go and be present and enjoy every single minute of it!

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