15 Random Facts About Me


Because we are all far more than the person we let you see on social media, and people deserve to know the real you!


Photographer: Emily Friend




monbon-11My belly button looks like a cute little button nose. Well, it is an innie-outie, so it is this weird little knob of skin hiding in a hole. Oh gosh, I am not really describing it in a very delightful way!

I am so untidy. There is a huge difference between ‘tidy’ and ‘clean’. I cannot stand toothpaste marks on the bathroom sink, people that don’t clean the dishes thoroughly, or a dirty table, but I certainly do not mind sprawling my life and work out around the house. As I type, I have my computer, notebook, camera, some new packages that arrived and my phone(s) sprawled out on the bed, a few different flatlays laying about on the floor in the upstairs living room (read: Mon’s office), a pile of clean washing to put away and a pile of dirty washing to sort through and wash. I prefer to have everything out where I can see it

I have a terrible habit of thinking that I am covering up my disappointment, but really, I am making it far more obvious. Unfortunately, when I get upset, there really is no hiding it, no matter how trivial the issue was to begin with. It makes me look like a petulant little child which is embarrassing, but I really can’t help being so gosh darn emotional!

When I was in primary school, I was always being sent to the principals office. No, no, I wasn’t a horror child, in fact, I was quite the opposite! I was often being sent up to the principal’s office to show them my paintings, or to read to them (they were so impressed by my reading levels at the age of 7 that they made me read Babe to them… upside down).

I only started ballet at the age of 13. Despite my very obvious affinity to ballet, I really wasn’t even interested in it until my teen years. I only started doing ballet because the owner of my performing arts school coerced me into it with the promise of getting more shows around the state. That first year, I sat my very first dance exam and got 100%… I was a little bit of a natural!

monbon-7I started singing lessons when I was 6. For years and years I was a part of the performance school ‘The Risdon’s School of Music’. It took me from singing Elvis Presley’s ‘Teddy Bear’ in pink silk PJs at ECU Bunbury, to performing on Telethon, at the Olympic Torch welcoming concert and all things in between.

I am a fainter. I never used to be, but that all changed after suffering through glandular fever at the age of 16. I can’t have blood tests without coming in armed with a mini mars bar, laying down for the test (and looking away while singing to myself) and then laying down for 5 minutes after. I even faint after pap smears. Religiously. Apparently fainting after a pap smear isn’t unusual, but it definitely not a pleasant side effect of something that is already not the most pleasant of feelings.

I used to be terrified of being locked in the shops. I feel like this is somewhat responsible for my fear of being late, but I used to be absolutely petrified if mum took us to the shops to do the food shopping at 4.00pm. What if we got locked in Coles? God forbid if I saw them closing up the roller doors at the front. That was my cue to grab the car keys off mum and go and wait in the car for her.


If I am on time, I believe I am late. I am one of those annoyingly early people. If I am not 10 minutes early somewhere, I am late. If I am late, I get hot, sweaty, panicked and flustered. I am a hot mess. I feel like this is a good trait to have because I think it is extremely rude to be late – you are wasting someone else’s valuable time. It has backfired on me before though, and I have rocked up to a friend’s 21st birthday party before anyone else was there… including the birthday girl!

I don’t really like pizza. I have friends that crave pizza, that dream about pizza, that love pizza. Me? I will eat it only if I have to (with a gluten free base of course!). I think the big, fat, greasy, salty pizzas that Bunbury used to churn out were enough to turn me off forever. I can’t even get excited over a beautiful, traditional, wood fired pizza. It just doesn’t look appetising.

monbon-9I have always had extremely clear skin. I say it is part genes, part my lack of desire to ever put anything on my face. As a teen, I got the obligatory ‘you are a teenager and you are going to suffer’ hormonal period spots, but only ever 3-4 of them at a time. Outside of that, I have never really ever had any skin issues except for when I burn my face with products my skin doesn’t like. I don’t actually know how I ended up so lucky.

Self entitled people grind my gears. Nobody in this world is more entitled to something any more than the person next to them. OK, that is a lie. If you work hard to earn something, sure, you are more entitled to that than someone who didn’t put in the work. But, acting like you are above everyone else and therefore you deserve superior treatment is grounds for me to take an instant disliking to you.

I am so scared of marriage and having children. The marriage thing is more the product of knowing that 75% of my school year are engaged or married, and I am over here, happy in a relationship, but sometimes under-budgeting for the week and being forced to eat rice and soy sauce for dinner, or losing my new shoe in the pile of washing I shifted from the dirty laundry to the floor in an attempt to find those jeans I only wore once this week… certainly I am not ready for marriage?! And having children, well the things I am learning about what happens to your body pre, during and post pregnancy have me wincing in pain. Don’t get me wrong, having a child would be amazing, but I am so frightened by the whole concept.

monbon-14I used to ask for the weirdest things in my school sandwiches. My parents love rehashing this story over and over. As an 8 year old, I was totally oblivious to the cost of blue cheese, and that it was actually something a lot of people were repulsed by/needed to acquire a taste for. Needless to say, I had no idea why they were laughing at me so hard when I asked them to make me blue cheese sandwiches for my lunchbox, or to pack me dolmades for recess. Eeeeeeesh. It just goes to show how liberal my parents were with food, and how happy they were to introduce us to new and different foods!

I was, and still am, the biggest science nerd. Chemistry was totally my jam in high school. I was an A student, and even had the kids that I considered to be ‘the smart kids’ asking me to help them with their equations (yes, I am still proud of that!). Now, anything that reminds me of a chemistry lab steals my heart… test tube spice racks, beakers, big old medicine bottles, I love it all!