Behind The Scenes: Betts AW16 Campaign Shoot


Capturing the Betts action from a different angle…


For as long as I can remember, I have been wearing Betts shoes. As a young gun, in the coastal town of Bunbury (I am talking pre-2007), my new shoe purchases had to come from either Gommes Shoex, Target/Big W, Spendless orBetts. It is a no brainer as to who I preferred to shop with, especially as I got older and I started to take more of an interest in fashion and the way I dressed. I had school shoes from Betts, some of my first pairs of heels came fromBetts, and the shoes I stole borrowed from mum were almost always fromBetts. I grew up with the brand, and I still choose to shop from them today.

Mention shoes, and Betts immediately springs to my mind. It wasn’t until I moved out of home, and started dipping my toes in the fashion and digital industries here in Perth, that I learned that Betts was in fact homegrown in WA. It is one of the most successful consumer fashion brands to come out of WA and, with over 110 stores nationally, their (shoe) mark on the Australian fashion industry can be considered quite the sizeable one.

My long association with the brand carries a lot of nostalgia and warm, happy feelings, so it was quite an exciting moment for me when I was asked along to take some BTS shots for the new AW16 Betts campaign shoot. Spending a few hours embroiled in the action of a 16 hour shoot (featuring the incredibly beautiful Brooke Hogan and handsome Ollie Peake!) was quite the experience. I have had the opportunity to shoot in a studio/be on set before, but nothing quite to the scale of 12 looks, a production team of at least a dozen and countless pairs of shoes. Having the opportunity to see true masters like Hendra Widjaja and Chantel Concei weave their creative magic on Brooke and Ollie was such a pleasure.

It will be exciting to see the campaign (and the new season collection!) drop in the coming weeks. Seeing the final product, that I had the opportunity to witness in the making, will be the icing on the cake. In the meantime, you can whet your appetite with some of my little sneak peeks…

BTS-Betts-AW16-Campaign-Shoot-LMMB-12 BTS-Betts-AW16-Campaign-Shoot-LMMB-14 BTS-Betts-AW16-Campaign-Shoot-LMMB-16 BTS-Betts-AW16-Campaign-Shoot-LMMB-19 BTS-Betts-AW16-Campaign-Shoot-LMMB-17