Escaping To Our Beautiful South West


A four day Christmas getaway to our beautiful South West region was just what the doctor ordered!


How often do you get to switch off? I don’t mean ‘lounging around on the couch while paying some bills, flicking through Instagram and planning what meals you are going to cook for the rest of the week’ kind of switch off, I mean, how often do you really switch off.


On previous holidays to Bali, Thailand and beyond, I assumed I was in holiday mode (one would think that, right?), but the constant call of Instagram and emails when a wifi spot was located, and the suitcase full of clothes I was expected to shoot, proved otherwise. Of course, I don’t turn my nose up at the fact I am away – my gosh, it is such a blessing – and I love what I do so dearly, but that type of holiday is a whole lot different to actually getting a break. It was only yesterday that I was discussing how we ‘take a break’ with Jenelle, and our weary responses about how ‘these shoots at the beach are a break for me’ or ‘a meeting over coffee is time off’, alerted me to how essential it is for everyone to take time to themselves. Real time. Proper time. Time free of technology, work and any thoughts related to that.

Each Christmas, I religiously make the 2 hour drive back to my hometown to spend time with my family. This year, we left on Christmas day, walking straight into Christmas lunch from our little road trip. From the moment I stepped into my nonna’s house, to when we stepped off dad’s boat the following evening, my thoughts darted back to blogging and work maybe thrice. A solid 2 days of barely anything else other than eating, drinking, swimming and laughing with the family. Though I still had internet access and phone reception, my need or desire to use it was not there. Just as well it wasn’t because for the following two days, as we spent time with friends at their new house in Nannup, my phone had absolutely zero reception.

The forced break from the digital world was an absolute blessing! I was forced to be present, and I found myself quite content in spending time lounging on a bean bag, drink in hand, watching the kangaroos bound through our friend’s property. I felt free and relaxed, with zero pressure or expectation (or Samsung alert tones). For two days we cooked barbecues, slept in until 9.30am, drove around at our leisure, dropped in to local producers and even found a beautiful swimming hole, all without feeling the need to open my laptop, or scroll through Facebook once. The only time I picked up my phone or camera the entire holiday was to get these here snaps…


champagnebuilding boatCambray-Cheese2 Cambray-Cheese

boating2 Bunbury-back-beach2barrabup-pool avoozecadoos

molly-puppy2 back-of-boatsunset dolphin Bunbury-back-beach