My Anti Monochrome Movement: Embracing Brights


I still, to this day, believe that Instagram will be the death of colour…


Vintage Cami | Laundry Room Skirt | Clearly AU Sunglasses | Zu Shoes Heels
Photographer: Scott Free Photography


The daily scrolls through Instagram present me with oodles and oodles of monochromatic, minimalistic images. Flatlays of black makeup cases on marble backgrounds, white outfits against grey walls, white baby’s breath, black accessories, monochrome… you see where I am going with this.

If you had have spoken to me at this time last year, I would have shuddered at the idea of wearing a black and white outfit, and probably spontaneously combusted if someone tried to dress me in all black. These days, I am a little more lax when it comes to desaturated dressing, even choosing to dress in head-to-toe black on certain occasions. I can definitely see the merit in a neutral outfit that has been well put together, but if I am to be honest, this high saturation of desaturated outfits and imagery bores me a little.

When done exceptionally well, monochrome looks can be outstanding. But how does your all black outfit differ from the person next to you? Standing out in a sea of the same doesn’t happen by being one of the same. I have had at length discussions with many about how to stand out and be different when it seems the world is demanding less colour and less fuss. How does one have their work recognised and admired when that black and white beauty flatlay looks just the same as the next?

Expressing myself with colour, whether or not the online world or my friends like it, is how I create my own point of difference. I have given up caring if all black outfits are the ones that get the most double taps on Instagram, or if red lipstick isn’t as awesome as nude is, because colour is what I want to wear. In this world of dying colour, it is refreshing to add a little bit of life with a bright!

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