The Maxi With the Most


Maxi skirts + thigh high split = legs for days


H&M Tee | Skirt from Thailand | Urban Outfitters Sandals | KMart Backpack
Photos: Emily @ She Does


There is no sugar coating the fact that I am exceptionally short. I have been all my life, and I don’t think that is going to change any time soon. Hitting maturity, and still being the height of your average 13 year old, makes me the butt of plenty of jokes, and my head the elbow resting point for any fellow who is even just slightly taller than me (and feels that they are more original than salt covered crisps). Being short has it’s limitations, yes. But then again, nothing is ever truly 100% positive. There are always going to be a few cons on the flip side of the positivity coin, but for the most part, being short isn’t all that bad.

Working with less lengthy legs than the average woman, I have come to find many tricks that assist in elongation, some more practical than others. After discovering the effect of a full length dress on a not-so-full-length stature, the path of exploration in leg lengthening was paved, and other ways to wear full length skirts were found. While 8-inch heels aren’t everyone’s idea of a quick fix to the short leg dilemma, maxi skirts with a high split (or two) could be. Eliminating the necessity for heels, a thigh split (or two) in a maxi skirt gives the grand illusion of longer legs without doing anything more than showing a little skin. Team the splits with a higher waist (and a pair of heels if and when you please), and who knows where those legs actually start and end!

Are you a team maxi or a team mini player?

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