What I Wore: Australia Day


Australia Day – noun

a national public holiday in Australia, commemorating the founding on 26 January 1788 of the colony of New South Wales. Synonymous with barbecues, blow up pools and the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown


Beginning Boutique Ditto Dress | Misano Shoes Nilde Sandals | Ace of Something Hat from The Style Merchant | Quay Girly Talk Sunglasses from The Style Merchant
Photographer: Emily Friend


Australia day – the only day where eating a meat pie, and sitting by the blow up pool in your double pluggers with a tinny in hand, is almost considered essential.

These days, my Australia day celebrations are a little more civilised than the backyard house parties we used to attend. There is no disrespectful Australian flag draped skirts, zero seemingly-patriotic temporary tattoo bearers and by the end of the day, there is little to no beer left in the pool. As I mature, Australia day becomes more and more about hanging out with friends by a chosen water source (be it a pool – blow up or in ground – or the ocean), cooking up a mean feast, and having friendly wagers as to who will take the top gong for the Hottest 100 countdown. After all, who doesn’t love another excuse to kick back with good company? This year, plans were pretty loose, leaving us to float about from barbecue to barbecue as we pleased (or fall asleep on the couch at 5.00pm if we so felt like it).

So what does one wear to ‘loose Australia day barbecue plans’ (or an incidence of 3)? There is no chance I was going to don an Australian Flag T-shirt from Coles (they are a patriotic oxymoron), so with all cheap, disposable, Australian flag themed outfits off the cards, my top option was a comfortable, light, summer dress. This pink piece from Beginning Boutique (NB: an Australian company) ticked all of the Australia day barbecue boxes for me. It is loose, comfortable, and easy to throw on overtop your bikini, making the transition from backyard pool, to lunch table a piece of lamington cake. Bouncing around from event to event, often means different dress codes – a problem that this easy, peasy pink number happily transcended.

How did you spend your Australia day? Would this flippy pink dress have been a stellar outfit choice for your plans too?

Beginning-boutique-little-miss-mon-bon-4Beginning-boutique-little-miss-mon-bon-13Beginning-boutique-little-miss-mon-bon-6 Beginning-boutique-little-miss-mon-bon-11Beginning-boutique-little-miss-mon-bon-3 Beginning-boutique-little-miss-mon-bon-9 Beginning-boutique-little-miss-mon-bon-1

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