A Modern Nod To Mod


Taking the knitted 1970’s roller short into a new world…


Minkpink Roller Derby Shorts | ASOS heels | Quay Sunglasses
Photos: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit


Despite my somewhat nasty open letter to short shorts, and my disgruntled attitude towards their inability to cover my ass in times of need, I am still compelled to purchase them. Admittedly, it is really gosh darn hard to not continue through to checkout when a cute little knitted pair of short shorts – like these – are waiting in your cart patiently for purchase. I can’t quite tell if it was the lure of the knit fabric, or the fun, 70’s stripes that got me, but whatever it was, there was no way I was leaving Surfstitch without these bad boys. I am kicking myself I didn’t get the matching top, but let’s not dwell on the past…

There is something that I so love about reinventing styles from eras past. Without the addition of more modern elements, and some playing around with cut, colour and fabric, you can often feel like you are heading out to a costume party (psychedelic print flares anyone?), but with a little jigging and retouching, the best parts of a piece can be reinvented into something more believable. If it wasn’t for the 70’s and today’s design aesthetics coming together, we would be without pretty palazzo pants. And, the combination of pleather and modern fashion has brought the material into a much more wearable realm. Don’t get me wrong, I love vintage pieces saved from a particular time, but quality, timeless, vintage pieces are few and far between. My happy compromise between not being able to find the right piece due to scarcity, or finding a whole lot of ill fitting pieces in terrible materials, is finding those beautiful new pieces with a nod to a different era.

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