Embracing Femininity

embracing femininity little miss mon bon

Move over ‘street style’… sometimes I just want to slip on a pair of heels and a pretty skirt and get to embracing femininity!


Elliatt ‘Daring’ top (available soon) | Stylestalker skirt (similar here and here) | Zu Shoes heels (similar here and here) | See by Chloe bag (similar here and here)
Photographer: Ryan Ammon


With the white Adidas sneaker and the Nike Roshe taking up a place in almost any woman’s wardrobe these days (alas, not mine), I can’t help but feel femininity is being left out in the cold in a little. The current, favoured street style takes traditionally feminine pieces – like a dress, delicate silk cami or a skirt – and pairs them with more masculine things like kicks, oversized tees and distressed boyfriend style jeans. I don’t have an issue in the slightest with mixing and matching pieces from your wardrobe, heck, I bring my sequins through to the day time, and I am a big fan of drop crotch tracksuit pants and heels, but sometimes I just long to see a little bit more commitment to femininity. Sometimes I just want to feel a little less casual or tomboy, and a little more lady.

Perhaps it is my short, muscular frame that has me favouring heels with my dresses (actually it IS my short muscular frame that has me preferring heels with dresses), but there is also an inherent desire to fully embrace the fact that I am a woman, and I can wear slinky cami’s with lace skirts and heels, and all the pink I please, without admitting a little something else about myself. As women, we were given the best of both the pant and skirt worlds and I like to make the most of my ability to wear items from the latter category, I like embracing my femininity. I consider myself to be a ‘yes’ woman, someone always willing to make the most of an opportunity, so it seems a waste to not make the most of being able to happily wear a skirt and strappy sandals whenever I please…

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