Making A Trend Your Own: The Black Choker


‘Fashions fade, style is eternal.’ – Yves Saint Laurent


Grana tee | ASOS shorts (similar from Surfstitch online here) | Misano sandals | Vintage bag and ribbon | Beginning Boutique sunglasses
Photographer: Emily Friend


monbonfringe-18As Yves St Laurent said himself (albeit in a more eloquent manner), fashion is fleeting. We have all become accustomed to watching the trends come and go with the seasons, thinking no different of the constant ebb and flow of product coming in and out of the spotlight. In the blink of an eye, a product can be so covetable, and in the next blink, gone. Inevitably, we all give certain trends a go – intentionally, somewhat unawares, gung ho, or by taking baby steps.

Diving into trends head first isn’t for everyone. There are some trends that people whole heartedly abide by, and some that others just can’t bring themselves to attempt. Some love buying up big on the latest and greatest, others erring more on the side of caution. The best thing about trends is that there is always someone out there doing it differently, someone taking a trend as inspiration and reworking it in their own way. Not into Birkenstocks? There are plenty of other slides on the market to sate your appetite. Can’t bring yourself to rock the colour of the season? Test the waters with a necklace in that hue instead.

monbonfringe-25Rather than committing myself to what you could call a ‘trendy’ neck bandana, or thin leather choker, with this casual Sunday outfit, I tested out the waters in my own way and style – topped off with none other than a signature giant bow. I openly admit that there are some trends that I just can’t bring myself to try, the aforementioned being two of them. But that doesn’t deter me from appreciating, being inspired and reworking them into something I know will work better for me.

The leather choker and bandana trends may flow back out in a few months time, but my own sense of explored style won’t. Trends aren’t meant to be concrete, they are there to test your creativity and influence your own personal style. They are there to be toyed with, altered and tweaked. Next time you catch yourself uttering something along the lines of ‘oh, I could never wear that’ to yourself, I challenge you to 1) take that comment back and 2) take the trend as an inspiration, and think about ways you could potentially weave it into your own personal style.
monbonfringe-16 monbonfringe-15