Perth Heatwave: By the Swan in Gypsea Swimwear


HEATWAVE: a prolonged period of abnormally hot weather.


Gypsea swimwear Maddox top and Nami bottoms | Ace of Something Airlie hat and Quay Asha sunglasses from The Style Merchant
Photos: Tristan Ceccato

So here we are, smack bang in the middle of a Perth heatwave. 3 days of 40+ degree weather in a row – brace yourselves Perth.

I, for one, love the warm weather. Soooooo it might currently be closer to ‘scorching‘ than it is ‘warm’, but I stand by my preference for extreme heat than snow or extreme cold. I would rather be bunkered down underneath the air conditioner with the ability to leave the house and do what ever I want, when I want (albeit very sweatily), than being snowed in with no idea when I would be able to get back outside again. Heat means endless sunshine, water and more water… and let’s face it, I am a self confessed water baby. Where ever there is water I am happy. Ocean, river, lake or pool, you name it. If I so much as sight the water, I am content. Even in it’s most tumultuous and churned up state, water is so incredibly calming.

The Swan River is a lesser spoken about water source on Little Miss Mon Bon. Growing up on the ocean, I really do hold the salt water dear to my heart, but the stillness of the Swan River still manages to get me every time. For the first time in a few months, I spent some time on the banks of the river, relaxing, frolicking and taking my new Gypsea bikini for a spin (scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for a little video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more where that came from!). Normally I head to the beach with the intention of getting in the water and spending most of my time swimming, but the river I go with a set of different intentions – the prime one being some quiet time away from the crowds. With the weather not set to ease for some while soon, I don’t think I will be waiting so long to get back down to the river this time!

Gypsea-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon12Gypsea-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon14 Gypsea-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon10 Gypsea-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon8 Gypsea-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon6 Gypsea-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon5 Gypsea-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon3 Gypsea-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon2 Gypsea-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon