What to Wear: Valentine’s Day


Hold off on the red, and please spare me the heart appliques…


Elliatt Dress | Betts Heels
Photographer: Ryan Ammon


Valentine’s day is something I have never been entirely convinced by. Sure, the romance and the thought of celebrating the one you love is all very beautiful, but I never understood why there needed to be just the one particular day for it, nor why there was an inherent pressure to spend a lot of money on material things when the day is, at a fundamental basis, supposed to be about your relationship with your loved one. Perhaps it was my modest, country upbringing that shaped me to be somewhat of a minimalist in this respect – I don’t even believe in the idea of having a wedding, purely because the whole purpose of the day tends to get lost in the dress and the cake and the 5000 extra people you feel obliged to invite and the bomboniere ribbons… – or maybe it is just that I like to focus on things for what they are, rather than being disillusioned by a painted exterior.

My preference for a fuss free Valentine’s day runs deeper than just my outfit, but that seems like a good place to start the discussion. There is no red, no cleavage, no once-in-a-blue-moon 50 Shades of Grey-esque underwear. In fact, my Valentine’s day outfit choice barely gives even the faintest nod to the Valentine theme. A nice, relaxed evening out with my man deserves nothing less than an elegant, understated and comfortable dress that wouldn’t look out of place in any other circumstance. To be honest, an evening out at a restaurant even feels a little too overdone for me. Dining with dozens of other couples all on the same mission just feels a little, well, cliche. My ideal Valentine’s evening really involves just a few key things… me, my man, a private meal (at home or picnic style), some quality time together and a little bit of effort. After all, that is really what Valentine’s day is about, right?

Am I alone on my preference for a more low key Valentine’s day, or do I have some companions here? Would you, like me, pass on the Tiffany’s and red roses for something a little more unique and/or low key?

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    Elise Van Aken

    Mon you look stunning!
    I totally agree with you, I try to stay away from the material things on Valentine’s Day. My man and I like to take the opportunity to ditch all other plans and spend time with each other (telling others “but it’s Valentine’s Day” usually helps us free up the day from other obligations).
    Yes every day should be Valentine’s Day, but having one dedicated day is a nice reminder to slow down, spoil each other and be extra cute, especially when we lead such busy lives. We like sharing chocolate and other sweet treats and experiences like a picnic or ice skating…not that I wouldn’t say no to him gifting me a nice necklace but with us there is no pressure 🙂

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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      You darling, thank you 🙂 I will have to tell you the back story to this post hahaha.

      I am totally with you. I like the reminder to really dedicate the day together, but you should really be making the effort to show your appreciation for each other every day. The idea of the romance behind it all is beautiful, but the pressure is daunting!

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    Your little white dress is lovely! 🙂

    I’m a fan of low key Valentine’s days too, nothing better than just spending time with the one you love 🙂

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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      Thank you Mica 🙂 It is incredibly comfortable too! So thick and stretchy.

      Nice to know you are in the same boat! After all, if we make it out to be bigger than ben hur, we are setting ourselves up to be disappointed. There is nothing better than putting in a little time and effort to just be there with each other

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    Lovely dress! I won’t say I “hate” Valentine’s Day but gosh it’s really so unnecesary. I would feel better about receiving flowers or even any little token on love BUT Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day just feels so forced. Besides, I’ll be spending it solo dolo since my partner’s not here. Probably getting myself a tan on the beach. Haha



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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      I completely agree Su – it is the ‘forced’ nature, the pressure to comply with the commerciality of it all, that really kinda irks me. I don’t want you buying me a really expensive necklace on Valentine’s day because that is what all the advertising told you to do… I would rather you save that for my birthday if you are going to do that. I would rather you turn up to my house with a cute, random, thoughtful gift just because (like the new knife and giant set of chopsticks I once rocked up to Kevin’s house and received because he knew I had been annoyed at the knives I do have!).

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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      I wonder where all these Valentine’s day fanatics hide… there must be a ‘type’ hahahaha. It seems most of the people I know are admitting to the Valentine’s schmalantine’s kind of attitude, but I know there has to be people out there that fall for it all right?

      And thanks lovely, it is really comfortable too!

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