Trans-Seasonal Beauty

Aaron Paul-Autumn-Beauty-4

Blending summer and autumn, and blending my hues…


Hair: Leon at Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul-Autumn-Beauty-3Coloured shadow can be a hard thing to seamlessly work into your repertoire of makeup looks, especially if you are lacking confidence in makeup application, or for those who are not too used to wearing too makeup in general (consider me to fit in both of those categories). Most of us can work with bronzes, browns and golds until our heart is content, but anything with a brighter hue leaves us clueless as to what to do with it. With a seemingly endless summer on our hands here in Perth (albeit the rainy day or two over the Easter long weekend), I thought I would throw myself in the deep end and attempt to bring some colour to my beauty look bank – colour that reminds me of our long, burnt summer that blends so smoothly into our mellow autumn.

I was inspired to try some new colour by my hairdresser Leon (at Aaron Paul), after he convinced me to totally overhaul my locks (which, after agreeing to, I have zero regrets). The late-summer-slash-beginning-of-autumn caramels and golds, and the fun shoulder length that he left me with, added some dynamics and definition to my natural curls, and it gave me a little bit of determination to match my new locks with a new summer/autumn makeup look.

Golds and caramels were covered by the new ‘do, so it was up to the eye shadow palette to emanate the red and orange glow of the late summer sun and crisp, autumn leaves. Somewhat reminiscent of our fabulous west coast sunsets, this red and gold look, finished simply with a light gloss on the lip, is an easy to wear take on the rich, vibrant colours we see through our lengthy summer and autumn. With little fuss elsewhere, the concentrated colour on the lower lids is a subtle introduction to coloured eyeshadows, and a look that you can easily try with different bright shadows.

What do you think of my colourful trans-season look? Would you give it a go?

Aaron Paul-Autumn-Beauty-2 Aaron Paul-Autumn-Beauty