I’m an Early Morning Person – Are You?


Wake up an hour early to live an hour more… An early morning can have so many benefits



Stussy bathers from Transit | Le Specs sunglasses
Photos: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit


SM-stussy-bathers-transit-beach7Most people groan at the mention of an early morning. Me? I love an early morning! These photos were taken at 8.00am on a Saturday, post 7.00am beachside yoga… and clearly I was in good spirits about my early start!

I will admit, knowing that I have to be up right on that 5.20am alarm I have set on Tuesdays and Thursdays can be incredibly difficult – I love a morning snuggle as much as the next person – but once I am up and about, it is quite a liberating feeling. You see, so many things happen in those early hours of the morning – there are so many things that can be achieved in the hours before the majority of the population are stirring from their slumber.

There is something so peaceful about being up at first light and watching the fiery sunrise over the hills, with almost nobody else around. Sure, I have stayed up all night to see the sunrise, but that doesn’t feel nearly as good as getting a good night of sleep and waking early, full of determination for the day ahead. By the time 8.00am rolls around, I have often already been to the gym, am showered and dressed, and have a piping hot coffee in hand ready to start on my emails. Generally, I have fit a good portion of my day in before my partner is even awake (he is still working on bartending sleep patterns)!


SM-stussy-bathers-transit-beachBeing an early riser has more benefits than just being able to catch the sunrise. You can make it down to the beach before everyone else, and sit on the empty shore with the warm sun on your back, watching the almost mirror-like ocean gently ebbing and flowing. You will always get parking for your breakfast date at your favourite cafe, and you don’t have to wait for your coffee or a table at 8.00am. The gym is always quieter at 6.00am than it is at 5.30pm, so there is no waiting for machines, and your instructor has more time to focus on you. There are many amazing things – not just physical – about an early morning!

Starting your day early means you are in a productive mindset from the get go. There is extra time for you to ‘get into the groove’, meaning you are more focussed by the time it comes to sitting down and honing in on your work for the day. Waking up and leaving yourself 30 minutes to get ready and get to work might seem like a good idea, but that extra time in bed costs you in productivity when you get to the office.


Not into an early morning like I am? If you want to make a conscious effort to start waking earlier each day, try making some of the adjustments below and see how you go…

  • Sleep with your blinds open so you are woken up naturally by the light
  • Keep your phone/alarm somewhere that requires you getting out of the bed to switch it off. If you are forced to get out of bed to mute the racket, you are already 80% of the way to being awake.
  • Book an early class or breakfast with your housemate/best friend/anyone who doesn’t sleep in the same bed as you. If you are committed to a class or breakfast with someone else that you trust and don’t want to let down, you are more inclined to go than if you try do it alone.
  • Set your alarm for a consistent time each day – even on the weekends. You are permitted to hit snooze on the weekend, but if your alarm is going off at 6.15am on a weekend, you are not breaking your habit and making it harder on yourself.
  • Buy yourself a coffee machine. Having good coffee in the house is a reward for getting up early and starting your day. Instant coffee just isn’t as satisfying…