Let’s Play Catch Up

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So, what’s been going on in the world of Mon? A fair bit actually!

It’s time to catch up on what I have been doing, and start some conversation about what you have all been doing too!


Pink Ruby top | Mink Pink Skirt | ASOS heels (similar here and here) | Sportsgirl clutch
Photos: Adelle at Where The Styled Things Are


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The last few weeks have been very busy ones for me, and the last one happened to prove quite a challenging one. Without dwelling on it, let’s just say that my head and emotions got the better of me and I was, well, a little defeated. Thank God for my beautiful friends and support system who know just how to kick a girl out of a low moment (you know who you guys are)! Moving on and looking on the brighter side of life, there have been so many fantastic things going on in my life recently that I just don’t even know where to start…

mink pink pink ruby autumn fashion little miss mon bonActually, let’s start with that support system…

We honestly find it so blooming hard to catch up these days. Between work commitments, events, our blogging commitments and our all important home life, catch ups seem to run a little thin. OK, so I see Jenelle at training twice a week, and I get to catch up with my other girlfriends at events, but I can’t actually remember the last time I sat down to a good old fashioned brunch/after work drink with any of the girls! Just prior to the long weekend, I rectified that issue with  a mini catch up at Lot Twenty with Ashleigh, and over the Easter long weekend, Jenelle, Emily and I spent 3 whole hours brunching and drinking bubbles by the stormy ocean. But we couldn’t let it be all play and no work… 2 days later,Jenelle, Adelle and I returned to City Beach for a little coffee date and some shoot swaps (which these here photos in my Pink Ruby top and Mink Pink skirt are a product of!).

In the midst of my little moment of defeat, my media accreditation for MBFWA came through like a little ray of sunshine. I already had my flights to Sydney booked for the May dates, but it was the icing on the cake to know that the accreditation was all confirmed! With things starting to take shape for the trip, all I have to do is work out where Jenelle and I are going to stay for the duration of fashion week, and start deciding who we are going to meet with, and what we are going to do! If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know in the comments below!

Excitement level: high.

Speaking of travel, I have just finalised our (being Kevin and I) little getaway to Bali. It will be our first overseas trip together and I am just itching for May 10 already! We have confirmed our spa villa at The Amala resort in Seminyak, and I have already started packing my brand spanking new Lipault case for the trip (mentally packing is technically still packing). Excitingly, we will actually be staying in the same hotel at exactly the same time as Kiara from Lion In The Wild and her partner Brad, so that long overdue catch up can’t not happen now! Although Bali, Sydney and Canberra are all confirmed, that might not be the last of the travel talk as there may still be more travel before that yet… so watch this space!

So I keep banging on about being busy. Why? Well, I was caught little off guard recently when I was asked to complete some written pieces for NineMSN. Don’t get me wrong, I was beyond elated, but I was so shocked that out of the entire population of Perth, they had approached little old me. I don’t know how I was found, or what possessed them to ask me, but I didn’t damn well question it because, heck, keep those jobs rolling in please! At the same time, I completed a few pieces for the City Of Perth, and some copywriting for some private businesses – to say I was under the pump is pretty darn accurate! I am sure you will hear a little more about the pieces on my Instagram or Facebook as soon as they are published!

mink pink pink ruby autumn fashion little miss mon bon 4With a lot on my plate recently, it has been nice to take some time out (read: away from a space where I can be on my computer/checking my emails) and catch some films. I was never really much of a movie lover, but I have been lucky enough to score some spots for Kevin and I at some preview screenings recently, and I am really starting to love our almost weekly (if not bi-weekly!) movie dates! The most notable screenings of late have included Hail Caesar (as odd as I found it), Ride Along 2, Sisters, Noma: My Perfect Storm, and Sleeping With Other People. In the next few weeks, we have the opening of the Spanish Film Festival, and some other independent flicks to look forward to.

In the last few weeks, I also decided that it was time to bite the bullet and start the lengthy process of trying to work out what had been causing all of my stomach issues. 4 weeks of testing and scanning has resulted in zero finds (which is great, but what in the hell is wrong with me?!), so the search continues. Thank God I found a lovely bulk billing doctor who actually seems to care about my well being! He was so lovely that he even convinced me to get the dreaded pap smear done (which I was due for, but terrified of). Yes, you read right – ‘HE’. I never thought I would see the day I would trust a male doctor with my blood tests (because of the embarrassing fainty factor), let alone more, ahem, ‘personal’ tests. You know what? It was a piece of cake. Who am I to shy away from the help and knowledge of a man who has been in his profession for 40 years and actually seems to care?!

So there you have it… a short little insight to just a handful of the things that have been going on in my life outside of what you might see on my blog or Instagram. Hopefully I will be able to check in with you all like this on a regular basis, because it is nice to know the real side of someone, right?

So, let me get to know you all a little better… what amazing (or perhaps confusing or frustrating) things have been going on in your lives recently?

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