Embracing Fluidity and Movement

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You can’t deny the appeal of a garment that moves and dances with you.


Elliatt top | ASOS Jeans | ASOS Heels | See By Chloe Bag
Photos: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit


Elliatt Autumn Fashion Little Miss Mon Bon 3There is such an elegance to garments with movement. Perhaps it comes from the association that I make between the poise, grace and control of a lyrical dance, and the flowing skirted costumes that move with every leg extension, every pirouette and every jeté. I always loved my balletic style classes far more than any other class, and the costumes were the ones that I got most excited about too (with the exception of a show girl costume). The long, flowing skirts that billowed when you would turn, and float gently as you jumped, seemed to have a lot more life, and were far more appealing to me than the more rigid costumes of tap or jazz.

My love of long, elegant dance lines and extensions is reflected in my love for particular types of garments. I have always been able to see my dance influence come through in the way I stand and hold my upper body (it is rather evident in my blog photos), but less obvious to me was the influence that dance had on my clothing choices as well… well, outside of the love of pink, lace and sequins.

Elliatt Autumn Fashion Little Miss Mon Bon 2A thigh high split on a dress was always more than just ‘sexy’ in my eyes. Showing off the long line of my (actually very short) legs in heels, through the thigh high split in a maxi, exudes an elegance reminiscent of the leg line in a tutu and en pointe. Dressing myself in a garment that floats and moves with the breeze, reminds me so much of watching Jayne Smeulders perform so gracefully, and seemingly effortlessly, at the Ballet at The Quarry. Teetering in sky high heels allows me to show off the beautiful extension (yes, it actually a form of flexibility!) across the top of my foot, and gives my legs muscular definition.

Subconsciously, I have always been making outfit choices that reflect my great love and appreciation for graceful movement and dance. I choose pieces that remind me of my love for dance, or pieces that subtly show off the traits that I worked so hard to achieve. I attach these aspirations (of being more flexible, or more graceful etc) to certain elements in a garment, and find myself gravitating to them because of it.

So, now I am curious, is there a factor that is external to ‘oh, I like it!’ in your life that influences the way you dress? Or am I the odd one out? Let me know below!

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    Love the top babe and I can see how it reflects your passion for movement! I think there’s always an external influence other than just loving something, especially if you’ve created a specific ‘personal style’ for yourself. I’m a very minimalistic person in all aspects of my life and what I do, so I think this also reflects back in my style and the type of pieces I love to incorporate in my wardrobe … as well as the prominent colour black!

    Ashleigh x

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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      Thanks lady! I am pretty happy with it too 🙂 The more I think about what is in my wardrobe (or the things that I want in my wardrobe), the more I see this tendency to go for more fluid pieces and fabrics.

      And this is very true – if you focus more on yourself and your style, there is something right there at the foundation that influences what you buy, not just trends.

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    The photos turned out so well! I love that top and Elliatt! So good. Yes, fluid garments that move is a big part of what I love when designing costumes for dance or musicals. Haha, I think I have had tears when watching a performance all come together under the lighting and live music on stage. It is all part of the story.

    My ‘I like it’ moments tend to come from touches that feel a little bit rock and roll. If I feel a little like I am chanelling that kind of vibe, I am just drawn to having a good time and feeling confident. Absolutely! It is exactly how I feel the most boss.
    xx Jenelle


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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      Didn’t they?! I am very happy with them, thank you!

      And I can 100% see that rock and roll vibe in you. It is like you pick items that have a cheeky little bit of badass in them for that extra little bit of confidence. That elegance that I get from picking more fluid garments or high heels also gives me a little confidence boost. I think it is finding those pieces that make you feel great!

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