I Am The Best At Being Me

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If you have ever wondered what I would look like with straight hair, you are not the first to ponder it. I get asked what I look like with straight hair all the time, and everyone is so surprised that I never straighten it. But, I have my reasons…


NEW VS Sassoon Goddess Little Miss Mon Bon 6As a child, all I ever wanted was for mum to straighten my hair. I hated my curls with a passion. I would brush them out until I was left with a static frizz, and the tub of industrial strength gel in the bathroom was my best friend (my primary school photos with my hair gelled to my head are horrendous, I need to burn them). There would be tears of frustration if I couldn’t stick my curly fly aways to my head, and mum would have to redo my braids umpteen times if there was even so much of a hint of a bump in there. My own curls were my enemy, yet all I ever wanted was a head full of tiny, tight ringlets.

As I grew older, I learned to love my crazy, unpredictable mop of hair. The curls still aren’t anywhere near afro status, but somewhere along the line I had to settle for the fact that they never would be. Sure, my hair has it’s days, but that signature topknot of mine fixes unrelenting curl issues for the most part. I learned to love those crazy curly fly aways just near my temples, even if they refuse to be tamed by even the most industrial strength straightener. I learned how to manage the one side of my head that has 90% of my hair, and the other side that only has about 10% of it (if you ever wonder why I always wear my hair swept over one shoulder, this is why!). I gave up on trying to look polished and just rolled with the frizzy, messy look that comes so naturally to me.

There is no point in me trying to change it because, well, the curls are just me… and from past experience, those curls don’t want to be changed!

NEW VS Sassoon Goddess Little Miss Mon Bon 4I guess I was born with curls for a reason – just like some children are born with a face full of gorgeous freckles, or green eyes. They might not play ball all the time, but who am I to change them? Sure, straightening out my hair (as best can be when it is as stubborn as it is) might be novel every now and then, and some people might think that I look great with straight hair, but to tell you the truth, I am so uncomfortable when I don’t have my curls. I am the best at being me, curls and all.

My curls are part of what defines me. I feel so comfortable with so much volume around my face, and I love that I am so blessed to have a hair style that a lot of people spend so much time and money trying to achieve. I wish I had a face full of freckles to add to the definition of me, but heck, I got what I was given. Truth be told, wearing my hair straight feels like a lie (excuse the pun). Wearing a face full of makeup makes me feel the same way, and I get paranoid that people will like my non-natural look better than the real me. So, I just don’t do it. I don’t lie. I like the curly haired, relatively make-up free me, and I would hope that is the me that everyone else likes too…

Anyway, for all of you who have asked and who were curious, here you have it… me with straight hair.

Curly haired ladies… how often do you straighten your hair? I want to know your stories and your relationship with your curls – love, hate or indifference. Let me know in the comment section below!

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    Belinda Thomasz

    I straightened my hair for about 15 years. Then it got so damaged i had no choice but to embrace my natural curls. It’s been about a year now and i can’t imagine going back. Those hours spent in the bathroom with a straightner…ugh! Especially in the years i lived in Port Hedland. Being afraid of getting my hair wet at the beach or pool or getting rained on. Now I don’t care. I have embraced the real me and I like it. I think it suits me better and i get a tonne of compliments from straight haired people who wish they had my curls. Wish i came to terms with my curls sooner!

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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      Awwww it is so lovely to hear that you embrace them now! Unfortunately we are our own worst enemies, telling ourselves that our hair or our breasts or our legs are disgusting, when in reality there is always someone that wants what you have!

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