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Not everyone has the same goals, and there are a lot of people that need to understand that…



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I have spent the last few days thinking about a comment that the owner of Movement Co, Jacob, made regarding a recent news article in which I was slammed for my choice to travel over purchasing a home right now. I could say a lot about what went on and my current position and reasonings, but that is another story for another day. In the face of the demeaning comments on this news article, my friend Jacob turned around and said:

“I won’t lie, I am a Gen Y who wants it all… I am just doing things around a different way”.



His comment, and some previous comments along the lines of ‘that is the problem with Gen Y kids, they just want it all’ and ‘if you don’t buy a home now, you will end up poor and homeless’ (I know, right?!?!), got me to thinking…

Why is it seen as a problem that we Gen Y kids want it all?

I want to continue growing my business, I want to travel, I want to learn more, I want a new, reliable car (note: I said reliable – I don’t need anything flash), I want to be able to buy a nice handbag or pair of shoes every so often, I want to lead a social lifestyle, and, one day in the future, I would love a house and family of my own. Yes, I want a lot, but I can’t see the issue with that. I can’t see the issue with anyone wanting good things for themselves. We are always being told to dream big – by family, friends and even those gosh darn inspirational posters. Sure, I (and a lot of other Gen Y women) might have some different goals to what women did 25 years ago, and I might be attacking my goals in a different order to that of what our parents did, but who does that affect except me? And why do complete strangers feel they have the right to dictate how I, or the rest of Generation Y, should be leading our lives?

I believe that there is absolutely no issue with ‘wanting it all’, so long as you are willing to put in the hard yards and earn it all. Expecting it all is a completely different thing to wanting it all and working towards getting it all (in whatever order you decide to get it all). Maybe everything you want is a beautiful home and happy nuclear family, or maybe everything you want is to move to LA, join the cast of Glee, have a fantastic career and then comfortably purchase a beautiful home in Malibu for your family. Who am I to slam you for your goals, even if they differ from my own goals?

If we didn’t dream big, our world would be one that went nowhere, and a place full of complacent, or even resentful people. Our world would not have progressed to where it is today without people in the generations before us working to achieve different goals at different times. But, apparently strangers think I am leading my life wrong by having a different timeline of goals to theirs.

I admit that I, Monique, of Generation Y want it all.

I am not ashamed to admit that (are you?), and I am proudly working towards many different goals despite what complete strangers feel is best for me.

So, I want you to let me know what you want, and what you are doing to get you closer to your dreams…




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    Having seen the aforementioned article and certain public comments made towards you, I was shocked to see people so quick to judge and say things about you that they would a) never say to your face and b) have never even met you! I am so glad to see that you didn’t allow this negativity to get you down and instead made you feel more even more motivated to fight for what you want and have earned through hard work!

    I’ve always dreamed of living in Europe so next year my partner and I are packing up our lives and moving to Denmark. New language, new climate (freezing!), new jobs, new friends. Despite everyone thinking we’re crazy, that we will fail and come home, that it’s a huge is MY life and my adventure! xx

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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      Aw thanks Anneliese! I too was shocked at how judgemental people can be when they have no idea who I actually am! I stopped reading the comments on Sunday because I was over trying to state my case and make them understand that I am not a daft, spoiled little girl – in fact, I am just a little country kid who has been making their own way for the last 9 years. If anything, I am more determined to not be like that. I don’t want to be narrow minded, rude or cruel, and I feel that continuously learning will play a huge part in that.

      GO YOU!!!!!! That is amazing! Denmark is an incredible place (and they have fantastic english if you get stuck 😉 ) and a very liveable one at that. I am excited for you hehehe. And you know what, if it doesn’t work, what is wrong with that? You tried, you had fun AND you can always come back home. There is absolutely no harm in that!

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    Argh, it’s frustrating, seeing those who feel that need to judge our life choices! I think it’s amazing that we dream so big and want so much for ourselves and our lives. Why not make the most of what we have? Why not make the most of our capabilities?
    This was a lovely and inspiring post! xx

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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      I 100% agree with you Josephine! How can you tell us that wanting lots of great things is a bad thing?! Feeling self entitled to it is a different thing to wanting something and working towards achieving that thing 🙂 And so what if we want something different to the next? We aren’t all made the same way, therefore you can’t expect that we will all be doing things the same way either!

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    Hi, I have always wanted to be married, have a baby and have a house all before I was 25 years old. And I did! Except the house bit (still working on that) my dreams are big to me. And I think if we all work hard we can achieve it!, even if its something like being a stay at home mum. Xxx

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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      Heya Renee! I completely agree with you – wanting to be a mum and have a happy little family is a fantastic dream (and I am so glad you have been able to make your dream a reality)! My issue lays with the people who criticise you for not having those goals at the forefront. For example, one of my friends admitted she didn’t want kids and holy moly the shit storm that ensued was horrible! But the fact of the matter is, it is her life and she has a different prerogative for her life… and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (so long as nobody is doing anything immoral or illegal hahaha).

      I happen to think that having a family and buying a house is a HUGE goal to achieve, and also a huge decision to make as it ultimately changes your life forever. So I take my hat off to you for going out and acheiving what you set out to do lady 😉

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    Sita Carolina

    I totally agree with you that there’s no reason why anyone can’t want lots of things for themselves.
    It’s their own lives and as far as I’m concerned no one else should judge or purposefully preventing them from wanting those things.
    We’re all humans and we are all unique and equal at the same time – no one is better than anyone else.

    While shooting these images, you asked me what I wanted to do now that I’ve finished uni. And I said I just wanted to take photos of people smiling. But as you know it goes further than that, I want “taking photos of people smiling” to be able to support me and my lifestyle and allow me to spend time with the people I love and care about.
    I would love to travel the world, explore and experience many different cultures and I guess that can be counted as one of my “wants”.

    But honestly, everyone is entitled to “want” whatever they like. Why is wanting something so bad? I also don’t understand.

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