The Great Debate, Absolutely Fabulous and The Olympics

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I turned 26 last week, but what else has been going on recently? It is, once again, time to sit down and catch up on what else has been happening in my life…


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SM Matter prints little miss mon bon 9Cotton On top | Matter Prints pants | ASOS heels | Boohoo bag
Photos: Rachel Pronk


My birthday has been and gone in what was a whirlwind of breakfasts, lunches and events (massive shout outs to everyone that made me feel so special!). August is always a crazy month in the Ceccato household as it is absolutely jam packed full of birthdays. Already, we have seen myself, my mum, my cousin, and my brother celebrate birthdays (well, my brother turns 24 tomorrow), as well as a healthy number of my friends and acquaintances. Talk about a busy start to the month!

Birthdays aren’t the only thing that have been keeping me busy the last few weeks. There has been a lot of thought, discussion, work and other things going on behind the scenes too…




Oh what a time to be alive… a time where people are divided over two social media apps because of dog face filters. FACEPALM.

Unless you are hiding under a rock, and use just one of/neither Snapchat and Instagram, you would be aware of the controversy over Instagram adding a new feature that is – quite frankly – a blatant rip off of Snapchat stories. I have made it very obvious that I despise the use of Snapchat filters (and the irrational fear some people have of showing their face on Snapchat untouched), so the lack of face changing, eye-liner-adding filters on Snapstagram** doesn’t phase me in the slightest. What is bothering me is that I now have five hundred and seventy eight billion stories to scroll through at the top of my feed to find the stories that I actually want to watch… eeek! I wonder how long until we start seeing algorithms and changes to this new Instagram feature?

** I fabricated this name. It is a fabrication, a FABRICATION I SAY! Maybe I should copyright the name?…


SM Matter prints little miss mon bon 6IT’S FASHURN DAHLING!

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were gearing up for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015, yet here we are almost ready to welcome the 2016 instalment! Last Tuesday, we got the first look at the program as it was launched to stakeholders, and the following evening, the pop-up festival boutique, Hatch, was opened in it’s new home in Karrinyup Shopping Centre. Tickets have just gone on sale for the festival, so if you want to get in on the action, you best snap some tickets up soon!


Last Monday saw a pack of Patsies, a throng of Absolutely Fabulous fans, and my dad, Paul, flock to Event Cinemas for the Perth premiere of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. Poor dad, he came to spend my birthday with me and he was one of just a handful of men at the cinema. Needless to say, he was far too embarrassed to stand up to claim his hot pink flask door prize! Bless his cotton socks.

Anyway, how can you not love that alcoholic, irresponsible duo and everything that they get themselves into?! As a huge fan of the TV series, it was so good to see Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley back, this time with a host of celebrity guests and on the big screen. It definitely made up for going to see the atrocity** that was Jason Bourne the previous week…

** in my opinion



I admit it, I am quite the Olympic Games tragic. There is just something so exhilarating about the whole world coming together to celebrate others who are striving to achieve… oh, and to celebrate sport. Naturally, the gymnastics is one of my favourite events to watch, along with the weight lifting, diving and swimming. For the next two weeks, you can find me curled up on Kevin’s couch, cheering at the screen with a glass of wine in hand!


It has been 2 whole years since I have lodged a tax return, and the stress/guilt was getting far too much for me to leave it any longer. My understanding of the finer details in running a business is quite limited, and I always get myself in a tizzy trying to make sure that I do everything by the book. Finally, I booked myself in to see Diana at Balance Accounting to help me sort out what I thought was my absolute mess of a financial record. It turns out my paranoia about being organised really helped me with my business records, as everything was quite up to scratch. As someone with a more creative mind, I find it hard to understand taxes and business law, so finding someone who can explain it to me in lay man’s terms has been an absolute God send!

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    Those pants are to die for! I need a pair of those in my own wardrobe.
    I am quite entertained by the Snapchat and “Snapatagram” debate going on. It’s funny how some of our series topics for discussion and conflict is for something so mundane! While I don’t really understand why Instagram bothered with the story thing, it’s not particularly upsetting for me either.

    1. Reply
      MATTER Team

      Thank you so much for the love of our pants. We are crazy about them too. The black and white monochrome motifs of the pants actually symbolises a comb and also the hand, one of the oldest and most powerful patterns for protection and good luck.

  2. Reply
    Diary of Ange

    Those pants are the cutest! I could never make them work on me but they look great on you.

    I like having “snapchat” on my Instagram app – less apps to keep up with but the mass amount of people’s videos to watch got to me too much and I ended up unfollowing a lot of people because of it. I wish they would install a feature that allows us to choose whose videos we want to subscribe to.

    1. Reply
      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      Thanks lady 🙂 I LOVE me some good wrap pants 🙂

      And I completely agree – until we have the option to choose which stories we want to see on Insta, I think it is going to be hard for me to be completely in love with it!

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