Where to in 2017?


If my bank account was bottomless, there would be no limit to the places I would visit this year. With a cap on how much I can spend exploring the world, these are the destinations I hope to tick off in 2017…


20161115-mon_beach-09331020161115-mon_beach-2-2Triangl Swim Bibi Mare Bikini
Photos: Ryan Ammon

One of my new year resolutions for 2016 was to visit a country I had never been to before. In the first half of 2016, I achieved that goal with the most magical trip to Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi. In 2017, I hope to up the ante a little and visit a handful of countries that I have yet been lucky enough to visit.

After flicking through the encyclopaedic ‘The Travel Book by Lonely Planet’ on new years eve this year, my travel wish list grew a few feet in length. There is absolutely no way that I will be getting through the 3 pages (yes, 3 whole pages!) of must-visit destinations that I wrote out in just this one year, but I did manage to pick out a few for this year… most of which involve beach, beach and lots more beach!


This year marks 10 years since I last got to wander the picture perfect coastline of Mauritius. I can’t believe it has been so long since we have been! This year we are planning on a little family getaway, back to see our Mauritian relatives and of course sip on coconut and rum on the beach! 10 years on, I am sure I will see the island in a very different light, and be more interested in exploring the amazing landscapes than I was as a 17 years old.


South East Asia has always intrigued me. I love the people, the climate, the landscape and the food. There are many countries in the region that I want to visit, but this year I am aiming to tick off Cambodia. New country #1… hopefully! Much like Vietnam, the French influence on the Asian culture makes for a unique and interesting mix of architecture, food and customs – something I am dead keen to experience for myself. Of course, you can’t discount the attraction that the historic temples of Angkor Wat have either, nor the mighty Mekong!


Ok, so this isn’t a new country, nor a new destination, but I am so pumped to be going back to Sydney in March. My little brother shouted me airfares back as a Christmas present, so I will be doing a whole bunch of work as well as hanging out with my little brother. Coincidentally, I will also be there for one of the GWS Giants women’s AFL games – so I get to watch my cousin’s girlfriend (sadly my cousin is battling an ACL injury so she can’t play the inaugural season) play in the big league too! I haven’t yet decided on where I want to stay or what I want to do in Sydney, so feel free to hit me with suggestions…


Sharing borders with Guatemala and Mexico, Belize is a central American tropical wonderland about the size of El Salvador. If you have ever drooled over photos of the Maldives, you would love Belize… well, from what I have seen in photos, I think you will! There is a huge coastline fringed by a barrier reef, jungle and even ancient Mayan ruins to explore. Everything about central and south America excites me, and the fact that Belize sates both my need for beach side holidays, and my desperate need to experience the south/central American culture, means I am pushing to get there as soon as possible!


Again, not a new country… but, last year I made a promise to myself that I would discover more of my own country as well as explore the world. Tasmania is a destination that has been on my hit list for a very long time, and we are hoping to make it there as a family before 2017 is out. Tassie seems to lend itself to road tripping, so the plan is to hire a car, drive, eat and drink our through the gorgeous towns and cities, and even catch a ferry out to Bruny Island.

What destinations are you hoping to explore in 2017?

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