Off Shoulder Trend: Embracing The One Shoulder

Often over shadowed by the double off shoulder, the one shoulder is the unsung hero of elegance and quirk…


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Call me old fashioned (I have had this romper for almost 10 years now!), but I love a one-shouldered garment. In a time where bearing shoulders is the new sexy, the one shoulder should be represented strongly. Aside from bloggers shooting their oversized tees or bath robes hanging off one shoulder, the style really isn’t well represented.

More often reserved for swimsuits and evening gowns than every day looks, the one shoulder is slowly starting to appear more and more in every day fashion. These days, the one shoulder ruffle dress seems to be quite the staple, and one shoulder shirts are even starting to trickle down into fast fashion. Hurrah, there is no more need to wear our double shouldered shirts hanging off one shoulder!

Even still, the one shoulder is yet to be appreciated as much as the off shoulder.

If I had to pick one thing that has me won over with the single shouldered garment, it is the practicality. As beautiful as an off shoulder outfit is, I can’t even put into words how limiting they are. The constant readjusting, and the inability to lift your arms above 45 degrees, are just two of the limitations of the aesthetically pleasing but highly unpractical ‘off shoulder’. It just makes sense to have at least one strap. Or something going over your shoulder (rather than across the front of them) at the very least.

Aside from the superior practicality, there is something nice about wearing a style that is lesser seen. Would you expect anything less from me?! Everywhere you look is an off-shoulder style. While it is a lovely trend, it is also refreshing to opt for something just that little bit different.

Are you a fan of the one-shoulder? Would you be willing to give it a go over the double off shoulder?


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    Maria | Short Girl Long Jacket

    Such a cute romper! I haven’t had any one-shoulder items for a while because I haven’t been able to find any, but they do seem a lot more practical and comfortable. I never ended up wearing my off the shoulder top that much because the constant adjusting annoyed me too much.

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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      Isn’t it the pits?! Constantly having to adjust an outfit isn’t fun at all 🙁 It is such a shame because off the shoulder styles are beautiful, just so limiting!

      And yes, one shoulder are quite hard to find, but thanks to online shopping I have been able to find a fair few styles I like!


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    I remember it being a trend when I was in high school, which I am noticing coming back in. I think, as a flat chested woman, I always tend to appreciate styles that don’t require boobs to be pushed up and out, so it kinda gets approval from me on that basis alone. It’s funny, but, I actually don’t really like looking at squished boobs a la the Kim Kardashian cleavage. I find myself cringing, but then feeling a bit ashamed that I do so, so I tend to hide that fact! haha, each to their own I guess.
    xx Jenelle

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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      You had way better trends in high school than me! We all wore those ridiculous material belts – just a big loop of stretchy material – over our jeans to make it look like we had layered our stretchy singlet tops (which we also did, so it looked like we were wearing 3 or 4 different tops). So gross hahahaha.

      But I am SOOOOOOO with you on cleavage and boobs! I am so not attracted to it at all! Different story if you are legitimately extremely well endowed in the chest area, but if you are pushing the buggery out of smaller boobs just to get cleavage, it is so horrible! I have changed shape since being at Movement Co, and I have noticed that my boobs are a lot bigger than initially thought. So when they are scooped into a bra properly, they touch. I am not happy hahaha

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