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Before the weather hots up for the remainder of the year, I had to sneak in one last coat look. It is one that is very dear to me, and one that I will cherish for many years to come…


Vintage coat | Asha dress | Siren heels | Forever New bag


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If you follow me on Instagram, you would be aware that my 90-year-old, little pocket rocket of a nonna, sadly passed away. To say it was unexpected would be unfair – she was 9o. 90 is an amazing innings! Nevertheless, we couldn’t fathom her not being with us while she was still so fighting fit. Life is cruel sometimes, but that is just the way it is.

At least the last memory I have of my nonna is a heartwarming one.

The last time I got to see my nonna, I was back home to see the family; but – of course – I was still working.

Before our planned dinner, I was madly uploading and editing images for the next day. She arrived early, ready to enjoy the feast dad had cooked. When she walked in, she caught one glimpse of my camera and was in awe. I doubt she had ever seen anything like it in her life. There was lots of excited giggles and exclamations, so I decided to show her what it could do, and took a quick little snap of her in the moment.

After showing her my camera, I had the privilege of showing her my website for the first time, followed by a collection of the photos I had taken for the blog. I even showed her all the websites that I freelance for (although I think she got lost there).

Ever since I graduated university, it had been a challenge trying to explain to nonna what exactly it was that I did for work. It got lost in translation and generation, so the easiest explanation was that I did ‘advertising, like in magazines’. It was the easiest thing to go with, even if she still looked confused. Up until this night, I had no idea what she actually thought I did.

This evening, I saw the lightbulb go off in her head and her eyes light up, and I KNOW she started to understand. I know she was proud.

After showing her what I do, we even spent some time looking at maps of Italy on my laptop together; pointing out where she and my late nonno had come from, and where I had been when I visited. Waking up the next morning, I remember thinking that that was one of the most beautiful nights I had spent with my nonna. The last interaction we had was so warm, and I cherish that. I am so proud that I got to sit there with her, and show her what I spend every last hour of my day working on.

I only wish she got to see this post.

Now that this has all come full circle, it makes me wonder if this post would have come about if she were still here.

I am incredibly thankful that my aunty passed this coat on for me to keep. It means the absolute world to me. Not only is it something I will wear with pride, but it is a piece of my nonna that I will keep indefinitely.

Nonna would have been beside herself seeing photos of me in her coat; her coat that she lovingly handmade some 60 years ago. So very timeless, I truly believe that this coat wouldn’t at all look out of place on the racks in Prada or Gucci. Even she was still wearing it on special occasions (or to keep warm on dads boat!).

I know she would have burst with pride if I made it in to the social pages wearing her (now vintage) creation; and that newspaper clipping would have taken pride of place in her scrapbook that she kept of me. Even if I didn’t, the mere fact that I proudly wore something she made and loved, would have tickled her pink.

The last photo I took of nonna Velia <3



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      Little Miss Mon Bon Post author

      I was never a coat person (because I am not a winter person AT ALL) but I am really starting to love collecting coats and jackets! I have so many fun ones, but this is the most special by far. The fact my nonna made it is just beyond belief! And she has kept it in pristine condition these last 60 years – if you saw it in real life, you would think I had just picked it up at a luxury store!

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    Kez | acaciasdreams

    I’m sorry for your loss Mon, it’s so sad to hear your nonna passed away, it makes me miss my own gran so much more! I’m sure she will love that you are wearing her coat with pride, and it is so lovely that she had something so gorgeous and so intimate to pass down to you! Sending my best wishes xx

    Kez |

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