Playsuits: 4 Reasons Why You Need To Buy More Of Them This Summer

I am going to go all out here and say that a playsuit is one of the most practical pieces that you could add to your wardrobe.


Asha playsuit | EOS heels | Vintage bag | Quay sunglasses


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Summer is my favourite season for so many reasons. Just one of that long list of reasons is that it is time to pull out all of my playsuits again. If you can’t yet tell, I am a big fan of the humble playsuit. Often I prefer them over a dress, or even shorts and a top. Don’t get me wrong, I love a fun, feminine dress, but I just can’t look past the surprising versatility of a playsuit! (Yes, they are probably more versatile and practical than you realise)

Slowly but surely, I am accumulating a fairly solid collection of little playsuits; and I couldn’t think of a better garment to be investing in with the impending summer heat. If you aren’t quite sold on them yet, or you need a little coaxing in to adding more to your wardrobe, perhaps these 4 reasons below will convince you that you too need to add more playsuits to your wardrobe?

1. They make the best travel companions

When I pack for a holiday or getaway, some of the first things I grab out of my wardrobe are my favourite playsuits (preceded only by underwear and swimwear). With no need to match a top to a bottom, the stress of packing a ‘cohesive’ case is lessened; and let’s face it, who wants that sort of stress on a getaway? With playsuits, you can essentially pack just one piece per day you are away (unless you are me and need at least 4 outfit choices per day).

Which leads me to my next point…

2. They take a lot of stress out of the dressing process

On those days where just the prospect of clambering out of bed is a chore, a playsuit is the best outfit choice. This is a tried and tested theory by yours truly.

There is no need to burden your already tired mind with clever outfit combinations when a playsuit covers all the important bits at once. You can get ready and look effortlessly chic in no time at all.

Bonus: The time you save not having to play around with outfit combinations means you have more time to channel in to hair and makeup. Or more time to sleep?

3. They are SO practical

Ok, so they might not be the most practical thing to have to go to the bathroom at a festival in (nothing really is in those vile port-a-loos), but for the most part, a playsuit is so easy to wear.

If you don’t mind having to get the whole thing off when you go to the bathroom (which, in your own cubicle really isn’t that big of a deal), they are perfect to wear anywhere you might need to take a seat on the floor, climb a ladder, or even do a fair bit of stair climbing. The added little bit of material between the legs that dresses lack really comes in handy sometimes!

They even make a great beach cover-up, especially if you will be hopping between the beach and town on your travels.

4. Wardrobe malfunctions are minimal

In comparison to a dress of the same length, a playsuit is far higher up the practicality scale. There is a whole lot less knicker flashing/holding down your dress/cleverly contorting your body so as not to show your bum and a whole lot more range of movement!

Unless you buy an ill fitting playsuit, there really is no risk of flashing anyone anything. Unlike a dress that can end up around your ears with the slightest gust of wind, a playsuit can’t. Low cut fronts also seem to be more common on dresses than they are playsuits.