Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Supre jumper (similar here) | Sweat pants from Singapore (similar here) | New Look heels (similar here and here)

The sound of the rain on the roof, the snug of the doona, and the tiniest view of the outdoors through the slit in your blinds… oh those winter morning feels. And here I was thinking it was as cruel as it can get having to go in to work on a gorgeous, sunshiney spring day. Peeling yourself from the confines of your bed on a bleak morning is up there with “a quadruple pirhouette in arabesque***” in difficulty level. Remaining in tracksuit pants for the entirety of the day definitely softens the blow. It also appeals to the boundary pusher in me… how far can I take things before they become inappropriate? I have so far learned that you most definitely can tell strange men where to stick it when they start yelling seedy comments from across the road, you can wear bright blue lipstick to match your jellyfish leggings, and you can definitely get away with wearing tracksuit pants to work – all with little to no repercussion.

*** Is that even possible? Someone get me in touch with Abbey Lee…


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