The Clash of the Monochromes

Monki blouse (similar here and here) | Portmans pants | Boohoo heels | ASOS spray jacket (similar here)
Perth has been ridiculously gloomy for days.
Pros: Nobody thinks you are lazy when you sleep in and skip the gym, tracksuit pants become acceptable attire and my hair curls way better with the damp air.
Cons: All motivation to do anything other than lay in bed and watch movies is gone, getting dressed up can seem like the biggest of chores and it is damn well gloomy.
My knee jerk reaction on days like these are to reach for my warm, comfy jeans/sweatpants, my oversized man sweater and sneakers… but some days “grot” just isn’t a style option. Just like how some days open toed heels really shouldn’t be an option – days where wet grass, pouring rain and mud are imminent. Nonetheless, I did it. Muddy toes and all. I was just counting my lucky stars that I didn’t have too far to walk from the car to my destination!


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