Bellabox sample box (all products available in full size through their online store)

The Leo Temperament:

“Leo loves the new and extraordinary, they despise dull, regular routines and if this is what they are faced with, they will simply create their own drama and excitement.” (Source: here)

We could end this right here, right now, because I couldn’t have said it better myself. Yes sir, I am that girl that has to be constantly entertained, always meeting new people and regularly changing things up. Not even my beauty routine is safe. I can honestly say, I haven’t stuck to one particular product long enough to say “beauty regime”. 
Cue: Bellabox
My erratic behaviour with beauty products makes Bellabox’s subscription box my best friend. Each month I am delivered a pretty little package that keeps the “dull and regular routine despiser” in me at bay. For someone who changes their beauty cupboard as often as they change their underwear, the sample size products are a God send as wastage is kept to a minimum and my interest in the product doesn’t wane before the end of the tub/tube/packet… and then the next month I get to do it all over again with a whole new batch of products!
If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to be a beauty editor (sans the actual work), get yourself a Bellabox subscription (monthly or annually). With literally hundreds of items on their online store, there is always something new to get your hands on and try. It is like dangling a carrot in the donkey’s face. I. can’t. resist!
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