Disclaimer: I do not do cardio

I don’t ever recall trampolining being hard – I am talking ‘shoulder cramps, burning lungs and jelly legs’ hard. Fairly certain when I was a kid, trampolining was all about double bouncing, avoiding the “lava balls” (chinese apples we had thrown all over the trampoline) when we jumped, and getting your legs caught in the springs… not actual exercise.

I won’t lie, when I was invited along to do the new fitness class at Bounce – Bouncefit – I pushed the “fitness class” part out of my head and focused heavily entirely on the “trampoline” bit. Memories of flipping from the trampoline into the pool, laying out on the trampoline on a summer’s night and taking photos of my squished up face on the trampoline from underneath came flooding back fast. Unfortunately for me, this was so far from what I endured on Monday night.

When I said I do not do cardio, I mean it. 3 minutes of a jazz routine is enough to send me into a coma for a week**. My personal trainer made me row 500m on the rowing machine and I needed a good 3hrs recovery**. I did 45 minutes of bouncing, tuck jumps, pike jumps, straddle jumps and running on a trampoline at Bounce and it is suffice to say I needed a stretcher to get me out of the establishment**. It. was. hard. Never underestimate the energy needed to complete a Bouncefit class.

Hints and tips for anyone considering attending a Bouncefit class:

  • Book in advance. The classes fill up quickly and are kept fairly small
  • Don’t eat or drink too much before you go. Aside from not being able to jump as high and getting cramps, nobody likes tasting what they ate a second time around… 
  • Prepare yourself mentally. This is not an easy free-bounce. This is non-stop movement for 45 minutes. 
  • Allow yourself some time to go and free bounce afterwards. It is torture watching everyone flipping into giant airbags while you are tuck jumping away with sweat dripping into your eyes. Treat yourself to a 30 minute free jump session afterwards… it helps to remember that trampolines are actually fun!

** Slight over exaggerations


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