The Bali Diaries: Episode 1

“Almost paradise, I am knocking on Heaven’s door…”


Isla jumpsuit from Four Hearts (similar here) | Le Specs x Craig and Karl sunglasses

3, 2, 1… and I am back in the room. Reluctantly, I am home.

What a whirlwind my time in Bali was. Between all the sunning, cocktail drinking, alleyway exploration, scooter riding, partying, laughing with friends, meeting new amazing people and pool time, I have had very little time to focus my thoughts into a series of concise blog posts. So for the next few entries on Little Miss Mon Bon, you will be seeing Bali from my point of view.

I have heard many mixed reviews about Bali. Some people have very little to say about it, and others I know are jetting off to the island every month, if not more. After spending only a few short hours in Seminyak, I had sided with the latter of the groups. Within our first 6 hours in Bali, Quinn and I had fallen head over heels. The bright colours, the constant beeping of horns, the over friendly locals, the smell of incense – it had us captivated. It is the smallest of differences from home that make Bali the magical place it is.

Quinn and I spent countless hours during our trip just walking and exploring. Sometimes losing ourselves, and other times discovering quicker, more convenient routes to our desired destination. We also stumbled across gorgeous spots like the above – a stunning door cordoning off not heaven, but the next closest thing – a private villa and pool area. It was little surprises like these that made us fall even more in love with this fascinating place. So much so that tears were shed at the prospect of leaving.

Not to fear, we will be back to pick up our hearts soon Bali.

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