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Aussie Aussie Aussie… Oi Oi Oi!

January 26th: Australia day.

That beautiful day that is dedicated to enjoying the sun, surf, beer, cricket, pies, lamingtons, aussie colloquialisms and the Hottest 100. It is a day of national pride, often shown through the less than strategic placement of temporary australian flag tattoos, capes made out of the Australian flag and the downing of a lot of (either icy cold or beautifully sun boiled, never in the middle) VB. Underneath the party-vibing exterior (we are Australians, we can’t help it), Australia day is fundamentally a day to take just a little bit of time to acknowledge and be truly thankful for all of the great things that come from living in this beautiful country.

Some people may call me out for being ‘un-Australian’ for not covering myself from head to toe in Southern Crosses and the questionable combination of green and gold on Australia day, but I tend to stay as far away from these Aussie ‘traditions’ as possible. It isn’t to say that I am not as proud of an Aussie as the next guy, it is just that I don’t really fancy wearing/waving/displaying a whole bunch of Chinese, Korean and Balinese, mass produced, Australian flag printed paraphernalia. If I really want to display my pride for my country, I am going to do my utmost to support and represent those little Aussie battlers – our local designers, retailers and manufacturers.

So here it is, a selection of my favourite true blue, fair dinkum, Australian products that helped me through my Australia day. From breakfast to pool party to birthday party, there wasn’t a point in the day that I couldn’t proudly claim that I was wearing/using/waving something Aussie made and good Lord I was proud. Nothing makes me prouder of my country than seeing the successes that come from the hard work and dedication put in by my fellow inhabitants.

Angel of Greed ‘Loaded with Neoprene’ top
Angel of Greed is a Perth based label that specialises in neoprene garments. I have a love affair with all of their tops as they make the perfect transition piece from poolside to party – and this top was exactly the piece I needed for my Australia day adventures!

Audiofly Headphones
It would be deemed as inappropriate to have a boombox blaring the Hottest 100 on public transport, so the solution is most obviously a good pair of clear, noise cancelling headphones. Being completely enveloped by the of the killer tunes being pumped out by the J’s is as close to euphoria as you can get.

Fairina Cheng Jewellery
Hand crafted in a studio in Sydney, these delicate sterling silver and gemstone (peridot and citrine are my absolute favourites!) pieces are just so easy to wear. Layered, or on their own, they are a pretty little focal point for any party outfit.

Emilia Rossi Ring Dish
If I am going to own pretty jewellery, I want it out on display at all times. That is where Emilia Rossi’s handmade clay dishes come into play. Pretty jewellery deserves a pretty home!

Madame Flavour Tea
There is nothing better than starting a summers day with an icy cold iced tea. There is nothing better than starting Australia day with an icy cold, Australian iced tea.

Pigeon and Weasel Candle (from Antipodean Love)
I have followed Pigeon and Weasel ever since they started out. My love for the great fizzy amber liquid that is beer had me head over heels for these gorgeous, all-Australian, hand poured, beer bottle candles.

Positiv Pants Knickers
Australians are generally pretty generous people. It is nice to find an Aussie knicker company that is just as generous, giving away one pair of their knickers to women in need for every pair that is purchased. Now if that doesn’t demonstrate a true Aussie spirit, I don’t know what does…

The Best Feeling of All – Jack Ellis
A book written by a Sydney-sider, about Sydney-siders – it is like the new age puberty blues! Getting lost in an all Australian book while poolside is the ultimate!



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