Packing Smarter For Your Holiday

Packing for a 4 day get away is a multiple step process. One cannot simply pack for a holiday in one hour! I let you in on some of my simple ‘pack hacks’ to help you avoid extra baggage charges!

Hello Parry Dress | Betts heels | sunglasses

Photos by papa Ceccato (would. employ. again!)

The day before we flew out to Bali, dad (bless his cotton socks) gave me a call to double check that I was all ready for our little trip and that I hadn’t forgotten to pack anything. I started rattling off my packed items to him, both to reaffirm to myself that I had packed it, and to assure dad I had all bases covered…
… In my carry on luggage and handbag, I managed to pack a few pairs of bathers, a few different ‘resort style’ cover ups, 2 pairs of heels for important occasions, some nice dresses, a few head scarves, a power board, my laptop… and all of the other things. Dad just laughed. Then he proceeded to tease me, scoff at me and proudly recount everything he had packed. He had the clothes on his back, a spare pair of boardies, 3 extra tees, a pair of smart casual shoes and a pair of underwear for each day of our stay. All neatly tucked into his one little school sized backpack. Boy was he smug, and boy was I glad he still had weight allowance on his hand luggage (kidding, I didn’t need it). There is no way on this earth I, Monique Ceccato, could travel overseas for 4 nights with just one. little. backpack.

I am pretty far on the opposite end of the scale to my father. While I am nowhere near as bad as my mother (I swear she can’t go anywhere with out her family sized case), I am definitely not the type of person to fit a month’s worth of clothing into a duffle bag. When I travel, not only do I have a lot of items to pack for blog shoots, but I also cater for 2 outfits per day (one for the day and one for the night), pack enough underwear to ensure that I can survive for 3x the length of time I am actually away, give myself at least 2 choices of heels (because black doesn’t always go with everything), stow away enough pairs of bathers to ensure that I will always have a dry pair and (as you may have seen on Instagram) always leave with 5 or so pairs of sunglasses. My packing may be deemed as ridiculous by some, but I am slightly obsessive compulsive and I always feel the need to be over prepared.

As a notorious over packer, I have to edit my suitcase at least twice before I head off. If you are pretty good at tipping the luggage scales, try these tricks I have managed to adhere to, in order to help you pack smarter and lighter:

Lay out the things you know you need to take. These are literally the bare essentials – your tooth brush, one pair of undies per day, one pair of bathers, the outfit you are going to wear to the wedding you were going away for in the first place… you get the drift. In a blogger’s case, this also includes those items you vowed that you would shoot while you were away too i.e. this Hello Parry dress and Betts heels, two of the first things I had packed in my bag (bonus if some of these shoot items double as an essential, like bathers!).

– Grab your most versatile garments and play dress ups. That white button up, your denim shorts and the neutral pair of sandals all come into play here. Lay them out with your bare essentials, and see how many outfits you can make from the pieces you have in front of you. Working on the 2x outfit per day ratio, if you can get at least half of your required number of outfits from the combinations here, you’re laughing!

– Choose garments in lighter fabrics/fabrics that can be easily compressed. This is harder for colder getaways, but it can still be done! Instead of packing that chunky, synthetic cable knit, pack the lighter, more compact and warmer cashmere jumper. The same goes for summer getaways – silks, and light cottons are much easier on the weight limit than too many pairs of denim shorts and heavily embellished kaftans… plus, how many pairs of denim shorts do you need?!

– If you are going to take weightier things across with you, wear it. This sucks if you are coming from 40 degree Australia and landing in -13 Europe. BUT, there are no rules on how heavy the jacket you are carrying draped over your arm, ready to be used as a blanket on the freezing plane, is. Carry your heavier items on your body, leaving your bags with less to weigh in.

– Similarly, make sure the items of clothing you are travelling in are also wearable on your trip. There is no point in bringing an entire ‘travel only’ outfit. I have made this mistake before and you only end up carrying extra clothing you wish you had never bought along.

They are pretty simple tips, but they have definitely helped to keep my packing in check, after having too many bad ‘reshuffling at the airport’ experiences! Nobody likes rifling through their underwear in front of agitated queues of people! What packing tips do you have? I would be ever grateful for some more hints and tips to keep my luggage to a minimum!