Eating Out At Claremont Quarter: My Top Picks

Convenient, quick and tasty – the criteria for choosing places to dine when on a time limit…

Pics: Myself and Tristan Ceccato

Outside of Mt Lawley, my next most frequented suburb is Claremont. I have work in Claremont, clients in Claremont, meetings in Claremont and shopping dates in Claremont – it is all happening in Claremont! On any given day that I am down at Claremont Quarter, I can be running between meetings, appointments and work, so it is fair to say that I am often a wee bit time poor (aren’t we all?!). Sitting down to a decadent hour and a half long breakfast to start the day sounds fantastic in theory, but in reality, I can’t afford that time (or the a la carte prices) every day.

Finding well priced, convenient and fast food – without compromising on taste and quality – takes a little bit of trial and error. This is something that busy bee little me is well versed in – seeking out good quality, convenient places to pick up a meal. After being asked to road test some of the eateries at Claremont Quarter, I have done the hard work in finding such spots, and I thought I would share some of my favourites with you! Avoid the hard work and potential misses, and go straight to the where the good food and drink flows thick and fast.

New Norcia Bakeries
Breakfast on the run seems to be the way I do things these days. If it can be eaten with one hand, whilst walking and carrying a coffee in the other, then it is a suitable Mon breakfast. Often on my mornings in Claremont, I will call into New Norcia to grab everything I need for breakfast and more. A special ‘New Norcia’ blend Five Senses coffee, a cheeky breakfast pastry (because who can resist their incredible hand made selection, even if my stomach will get a little angry at all the wheat!) and some hand made artisan breads to add to the communal stash for guests at home, and my morning purchases are done (all for just $20.00). They do sell hot sausage rolls and pies all day round too, but I am more of a sweet pastry girl in the morning and tend to leave the meaty pastries to the men in the AM.

Mama Tran
Tucked away on an outside corner of the quarter, past the Farmer Jacks entry, Mama Tran is worth the mini trek for lunch. Mama Tran sits on the upper end of the ‘fast food <---> authentic Vietnamese Deli’ scale. Their meals are fresh, ridiculously tasty, fast and they don’t skimp on the chilli/coriander/mint like some eateries can. You can pick up pre-made rice paper rolls or Bahn Mi for under $10.00, or you can sit down and enjoy a fresh, steaming hot bowl of Pho for no more than $15.00. Their Pho is my guilty pleasure and I find myself salivating at the thought of it hours before I am even due to have lunch. Served in under 10 minutes, I can make my way through the bucket-like bowl in no time at all, making it one of the more satisfying, fast lunch options available to a busy bee like me. In and out with a restaurant quality meal in no time at all!

Afternoon meetings are best had at Lucioli. It is no secret that I love a good beverage, and Lucioli has an aperitivo and digestivo heavy bar that I totally feel at home in. In the afternoons, I like to find a quiet spot at one of their larger sized tables in the bar section so I can really spread my meeting out without annoying anyone (I work with papers, notepads and other various items spread far and wide!). If you can manage to schedule a catch up around the 5.30pm mark, you will hit ‘aperitivo’ time, which I stumbled upon by chance. Basically, every beverage ordered comes with a little plate of complimentary nibbles, the perfect little tie over until it is time for dinner. $15.00 and I have myself a very large Campari spritz and an assortment of Italian goodies to munch on – score!

Gourmet Republik
Someone must have been listening to my incessant whinging about never finding the time to cook myself a decent dinner because now we have a place called Gourmet Republik. Cooking dinner for one is tough enough as it is, let alone with the addition of after work functions (that are generally always canapes only) and/or meetings at least 3 nights a week. Gourmet Republik is a God send for time poor people. For approximately $25.00, you can pick up a family sized pre-cooked meal packaged fresh from their Bentley based commercial kitchen. For a single, that means you can squeeze about 4 meals out of the one $25.00 package – a total bargain! While I am running about the Quarter doing my daily business, I always find the time to stop in to grab myself a lamb rogan josh or thai green curry in anticipation of the week ahead. Portioning out one of their pre-packaged meals and freezing it means I always have something quick, easy, filling and nutritious to come home to when I get in past 8.00pm.

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