Eating Out At Claremont Quarter: Food Amongst The Flowers

Bringing casual market style dining to the heart of Claremont

The dramatic increase in the number of food trucks and food markets popping up around Perth is fairly indicative of the nature of the dining experience we demand. Dining has evolved from being quite a formal, ‘special occasion with white table cloths’ affair, to a more relaxed combination of uncomplicated food and comfortable, intriguing surrounds. The newest addition to the Claremont Quarter‘s eatery precinct, Food Amongst The Flowers, is Iain Lawless‘ answer to the changing dining landscape.

Tucked away down The Lane (across from Lucioli) is what I can only describe as a ‘kitsch’ little space absolutely brimming with local market style food. Iain’s vision of bringing a relaxed alternative to restaurant dining to Claremont, was well and truly met with the creation of this pop-up space. With a handful of market food vendors serving everything from fresh juices, dumplings and empanadas to gluten free bread, cupcakes and honey cake, Food Amongst The Flowers is a concept that can be likened to the marriage of a farmers market and cafe.

After experiencing the concept restaurant space first hand (thanks to Claremont Quarter) on Friday, I put together a few little pointers to help you make the most of your time down at the mini market space:

– Take a friend with you and order a range of different dishes from each of the vendors so you can try a little bit of what each stall has to offer
– Grab a spot on the large communal table out the front (assuming it isn’t raining). It is always fun meeting new people, who knows what conversations could be struck up over a laksa!
– Bring a shopping bag (or three) because I can guarantee there will be some takeaway cupcake/honey cake/bakery/flower purchases
– Talk to the stall holders as much as you can. Not only do they know more about their own product than anyone else, but as small business owners they have usually have awesome stories to tell!
– Go in with an open mind. The best part about being in a space with so many different options is you have the ability to experience so many different things without having to move very far!

Being a pop-up space, Food Amongst The Flowers is only around for 6 weeks, so make the most of it and get down there before they are gone!