How To: Wear Sequins During The Day

Making sequins work can be hard at the best of times, let alone in the day light hours…

Op shopped jacket | Second hand tee | Zara shorts | Old Heels
Photos: Adelle at Where The Styled Things Are

I have always been a big believer in a wardrobe that is free of ‘occasion’ wear. Segmenting clothing into ‘work’ and ‘play’ is one thing I have never ever done (it did occasionally get me into trouble… apparently some people don’t think bright pink tailored pants are office appropriate), and I disapprove of the idea of reserving items of clothing for certain occasions only. Fashion is supposed to be fun. You know what is also fun? Breaking the rules (within the bounds of legality), challenging perception and testing the limits.

Sequins, although classed as a ‘night out on the town’ type of embellishment by many, are one of the things I have learned to integrate into my every day wardrobe seamlessly. A lot of people shy away from sequins in general (‘too jazzy‘?), so it is no wonder the thought of working them into a sunlight setting can seem quite scary. If you are wanting to explore the sequin/day time combo, I have put together a few of my fail safe tricks to wearing sparkles in the daylight hours below.

Choose less ‘jazzy’ sequins
The laser sequin is the shiniest of them all – but fear not, you will not see these adorning any fashion garments any time soon. Usually reserved for dance costumes, the laser sequin is few and far between. When choosing a sequinned piece to work into your day wear, go for a piece that features matt or milky sequins, no silver or gold, and head towards pastels and earthy tones – it will lesson the ‘disco ball’ effect.

Tone it down with loose, casual cuts
Throwing on a slouchy piece immediately takes an outfit down a few notches and closer to the casual end of the scale. Dress your daytime sequins down with an oversized coat, drop-crotch pants or even sneakers. Don’t be scared to mix it up a little and challenge perceptions even more!

Keep it simple
If you are wary about looking too dressed up in sequins during the day, keep hair and makeup nice and simple. Red lips and heavy brows will immediately up the ante of an outfit, so opt for neutral colours and minimal fuss to keep those sequins more casual.