(Mini) Road Trips to Rockingham

Exploring new places on a little winter day trip. It is amazing discovering what lays just 45 minutes drive from Perth city!


ASOS Cape jumper | ASOS Jeans | ASOS Hat | ASOS Backpack | Wittner heels
Photos: Adelle at Where The Styled Things Are

Last weekend I bundled myself up, got my mix tape cranking and hit the road down to Adelle‘s neck of the woods – a cruisy 45 minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Perth city. While Rockingham is less than an hour away by car, it’s sleepy, relaxed town centre and long stretches of beach have you feeling as though you have escaped far further down south than you actually have.

Winter may not seem like the typical time to embark on a getaway to a seaside town, but trust me, it has many more pros than you may think (let’s momentarily forget that WA appears to be eternally sunny, as it was for my little road trip). The air is crisper, the streets are quieter, and discovering those cute, cosy little country town cafes and bars is all that much more desirable. There is nothing more comforting than sitting safely inside with an open fireplace, a sweeping view of the ocean and a nice glass of red while the rain is coming down and the ocean is heaving and broody. It forces you to sit back, relax and enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

And… flash back to my actual ‘winter’ getaway.

Clearly, the sun was out for the long haul, the ocean was as flat as anything and there was not a cloud in sight. Adelle and I spent the day going from one end of Rockingham to the other, from the most picturesque rocky beach cliffs (you may have spied them here) to some cute little brunch spots (Kent St Deli, I am looking at you) and the foreshore – I got the royal Rocky tour! With myself and the other #brunchclubperth #fitclubperth girls all living north of the river, it was nice to get away to a suburb I otherwise wouldn’t necessarily trek it down to.

Where do you like to escape to in winter?