The Flour Factory Relaunch

After a month long renovation related hiatus, The Flour Factory re-opened it’s Queen St doors bigger and better than ever.


Photos by Mario Recchia and Jenelle Witty at Inspiring Wit, and myself.

It seems like only yesterday we were gathered on the rooftop of the building formerly occupied by Venn, celebrating the launch of The Flour Factory‘s newest little space, ‘The Sherry‘. A generous six months later, we all reconvened (albeit a much larger group) to experience the bigger, better, more spacious, wood laden bar that is ‘The Flour Factory‘. I pulled out all stops for the occasion, and donned my best pattern clash for the fanciful (ahem, very merry) affair. Despite what fashion rules dictate to me, I will wear print on print until my heart is content.

Having been a big fan of Andy Freeman and Sam Astbury’s work thus far (Varnish and Darlings anyone?), I knew it was going to be easy to love the revamped Flour Factory. With umpteen times more space – both seated and standing – and a bar that runs almost the entire length of the building, The Flour Factory is now capable of holding and catering to much larger groups than it was previously. Thanks to the addition of space and some larger tables in the main bar, the food and beverage menus have also had a revamp.

Before anything else, it has to be mentioned that everything that lands on your plate (except for the cheese) is made in house. From the bread and pizza, to the cured meats, pickles and sausages, it is all made from scratch on premise. As someone with a big appreciation for ingenuity in any field, seeing such interesting and exceptional products come from the kitchen has me giving The Flour Factory a giant ‘thumbs up’. This ingenuity doesn’t stop at the kitchen. The bar has a few quirks of it’s own, including the much talked about ‘tap-pour wine’ straight from the barrel to the glass, and ‘home made tap-pour Vermouth’ (of which you get a complementary glass with dinner. Shhhhh I didn’t share that secret!). A long, lazy sit down meal is definitely on my to-do list after whetting my appetite at the relaunch!

If fun, exciting new bars that make you feel right at home are your thing, then The Flour Factory is well worth a visit – and I definitely recommend sampling the charcuterie!

The Flour Factory | 16 Queen St Perth | P: 9485 1711