BTS: Times Square Claremont ‘#comefindusTSC’




Come behind the scenes on the #comefindusTSC campaign…

Videographer: WestiFilms (James Eoannidis) | Talent: Little Miss Mon Bon and Where The Styled Things Are | HMUA: Tess Rowe | Assistant: Steve Cousins 

Tucked away down a little side street in Claremont is the intimate shopping precinct, Times Square Claremont. If you haven’t found it yet, don’t worry, you are not alone. There are so many amazing hidden gems in Perth, so you are forgiven if Times Square is one that you are yet to discover. Housing the likes of A’elkemi, Sana Boutique, Cookie Dough and Cult Status, the precinct is absolutely brimming with gorgeous fashion, delectable food and coffee, and even a few lifestyle establishments (yoga anyone?).

If you follow me on Instagram or Youtube, you may have come across some snippets of the work that Adelle and I did for the #comefindusTSC campaign a few months back. The campaign was designed to educate people on where Times Square lays within the Claremont area, and about some of the fantastic that the little strip has to offer. Adelle and I spent an entire day prancing about Avion Way (despite me still being quite ill!) filming, laughing and shooting with James and Steve, to produce 10 short videos showcasing what Times Square has to offer. It was the first campaign of it’s kind for Adelle and I, and we are hoping to see more of the same vein in the coming months! Keep your eyes peeled!

You can find the entire series of videos on the Times Square Claremont Youtube channel