The Quarter Century Mark

Today I reach a quarter century. 25 whole years old. 


Zara dress | Boohoo coat | Betts heels

I can’t work out whether I am happy, sad, amazed or disappointed about where I am in life at the quarter century mark. When I was younger, I always thought that I would be married, have children and be a home owner by the age of 25. I can confirm that none of the aforementioned has happened thus far in my existence, and to be honest, it probably won’t happen for years to come. In one sense, I freak out about it because it seems like the normal thing to do when you grew up in a ‘country town’ like Bunbury, but on the other hand, I know that I still have so much to learn and experience myself before I have to guide someone else through their own experiences and discoveries.

As is evident in my opening paragraph, I have a lot of mixed feelings when my birthday rolls about. Celebrating another year that has passed makes me feel like I should be starting this adult thing, but I know I am still going to find your fart jokes hilarious, and think that chasing bubbles is one of the funnest things ever. Your mid twenties is that teetering point between knuckling down and being dead serious about life and long term goals, and still taking every day as it comes without too much thought or worry. No matter how hard I try to adult, I am always going to be the biggest dork and child at heart. I know this. Heck, I got so damn excited at the prospect of shooting with balloons because… well, balloons!!!

So, here on my 25th birthday, I vow to myself to do the following in my year of the quarter century:
– focus on my own goals (and not those that I feel other people have for me)
– continue to allow myself the opportunity to explore new things
– let people think I am slightly immature for busting out an inappropriate joke
– surprise more people with my dedication, passion and knowledge for the industry I choose to be in and the things I love
– still laugh at fart jokes and chase bubbles
– work my little tooshie off so that next year, when I turn 26, there is even more to look back on and be proud of

Here is to being 25, not being anywhere near where a segment of society tells me I should be and being proud of my 25 year old self!