Reviving My Hair With Aaron Paul Style


Giving my hair a new lease on life – and stepping a little outside my comfort zone – with a new local salon, Aaron Paul


Collaboration with Aaron Paul


It is actually embarrassing to admit how long I had gone been in between hair cuts. The last time I remember getting my tresses tended to was (don’t judge me) at least a year ago. Now, you may go a little lighter on me when you know that, because my hair is a rather simple curly style and I had never ever had it dyed, the upkeep on my mane is fairly minimal. It still isn’t really any excuse for not having it cut in almost a year (eeeeek!).

Now, if we backtrack a little, I mentioned that I had never, ever dyed my hair before. That’s right, my hair is ‘virgin hair’ – apparently every hair dressers dream. Finally, at the age of 25, I plucked up the courage to let my hairdresser liven up my curls with a little touch of colour. For so many years I was adamant that, if I so much as touched my hair with hair dye, my curls would drop and I would be left with limp, straight hair (my hair is quite fine, so when it isn’t curly it looks horrendous). After my initial consultation with Aaron at Aaron Paul, all of my preconceived ideas about dying my hair were abolished. As I have been told, semi-permanents in shades that are darker than your natural colour are actually quite nourishing for your hair, it is really only when you are going drastically lighter that your hair starts to feel the effects. Undecided on what I wanted to do, I was even given the option of a ‘clear’ colour – which I assume is basically a highly nourishing treatment that seals your hair to keep the shine.

In the end, I ended up opting for something ever so subtle, but just enough to add that little bit of oomph to my curls. While I sipped on a coffee and flicked through the latest magazines on the tablet in front of me, my head slowly filled up foil after foil – a light golden honey colour, and (the wild card) a strawberry blonde! I am not used to sitting around in a hair salon for longer than the 30mins it takes for my hair to be cut, so I was ever so thankful that the playlist for the day was absolutely killer (ummmmm Chet Faker and Rufus anyone?!) and I had endless cups of tea coming my way! The result, as you can see, doesn’t appear to be all that much different. But, if you take a closer look, you can see the highlights being picked up by the sun that give my curls extra texture and depth. I notice the difference it makes, and it has definitely got me thinking about other ways in which to keep my hair from looking dull and boring.

For my first attempt at colouring my hair I think I did alright – anything more drastic and I think I would have fallen off my chair at the result. Next time, I will have more confidence to try something a little more bold… Does anyone have any suggestions?

Out of interest, is there anyone else out there who has virgin hair/recently died their virgin hair?
How was the experience for you?

Aaron Paul

2C, 917 Beaufort St

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