Discipline in Fitness


Some people are all about cardio, others weight training, but I am into something slightly different again!


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Photographer: Ryan Ammon

If you follow me on Instagram, you would be well aware of my fitness adventures of late. I have swapped out cardio (let’s face it, I never really did cardio anyway) for things like air yoga, handstand class and even trapeze class. Aside from them all being categorised as ‘circus skills’, they all have common threads in being heavily core based, highly technical and all about functional strength. While some of the other Fit Club Perth girls are booking into Konga classes on KFit (find out more about KFit below) to bop and jump away, I have been scrolling through the schedule to pick out things that are the polar opposite.

I always knew I had a penchant for classes that focussed heavily on core, balance and resistance (hence my love for dance, yoga and LaFit), but it wasn’t until I started air yoga with Ash and the team at AirYoga that I realised exactly what it was about such classes that had me hooked. The discipline and control required to complete an exercise or sequence in AirYoga, hold a strong and technically sound handstand or complete a successful catch on a trapeze, is phenomenal. I have had people laugh at me when I told them I went to a handstand class, but I can guarantee they would get a not-so-pleasant surprise when they were being pushed by Ash to ‘elevate from their shoulders, hit the perfect body alignment and point their toes’ all whilst upside down and balancing on their hands.

While the discipline may be a turn off for some people, this is what has me going back to certain classes. The discipline is what gets the results, and when you stick at it, there is no better feeling than finally nailing that trick you have been working towards little by little. I by no means am anywhere near holding a perfect handstand (these photos of me with imperfections in just the training exercises are testament to that!), nor am I about to go wrapping myself in silks 5 meters up, but each week I am slowly kicking goals, goals as little as finally being able to close my rib cage when I feel it pushing out. Exercise is supposed to challenge you, push you to your limits and give you something to work towards, and discipline in fitness can be applied to whatever form of exercise you feel suits you. Feeling like you have accomplished something at the end of your session, be it lifting 1 more kilo than last time, running 1km further than the last or holding your handstand for an extra few seconds, is what we all put ourselves through the hard yards for, right?

P.S. If you are wanting to know more about KFit…

KFit is basically a giant gym membership. Instead of signing up to multiple gyms and classes to get variety in your workout routine, you can sign up to KFit, pay one monthly membership fee of $69.95, and get access to hundreds of different classes all around Perth each week. Their easy to use app allows you to search classes by location, type and provider, and it handles all of the class bookings for you (even sending you reminders for your classes you have booked into!).

You can find out more and sign up here (use the code: FITCLUBPERTH to get a special discount!)

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