Let’s Talk About ‘How To Be Sexy’…


Let’s talk about sex(y) baby, let’s talk about you and me… Let’s talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be.


Jeanswest swimsuit and hat | Quay Eyewear Sunglasses
Photographer: Ryan Ammon

I have never, ever strived to be ‘sexy’. I don’t think I have the stereotypical characteristic that constitute as sexy. I can’t pout, I don’t have ‘sultry’ eyes and I sure as hell don’t have big breasts. To be honest, there is something about showing off these assets in such a manner that makes me quite uncomfortable. The thought of men and women ogling at the tonnes of makeup I have on my eyes, my breasts in a super push up bra and low cut top, or my stomach and bum in something extremely form fitting really doesn’t bode so well with me. In fact, the general population believing that this is ‘how to be sexy’ makes me even more unsettled. Each to their own, I am not here to tell people what to do or that they can’t feel sexy when dressed as mentioned, but there are so many more attractive things than over exaggerated, and in some cases falsified (there is nothing real about B cups being squished into Grand Canyon cleavage), bodies.

Sexy is giant, natural smiles.

Sexy is a sense of humour and being able to laugh at yourself

Sexy is that cheeky banter you can bring to the table

Sexy is being passionate about something and not being afraid to let people know

Sexy is holding intellectual conversations

Sexy is being comfortable and confident in yourself, and holding your own in front of others

Sexy is that goofy side that tells the dad jokes at a high end event

Sexy is walking out of the house comfortable in your outfit and your own skin

Sexy is real

With a whole lot of media attention focussed on a certain young Australian for ‘quitting social media because it is fake’, the question ‘what does the general public think is sexy or beautiful?’ is raised. The whole scenario says more about the audience and perceptions of ‘sexy’ or ‘beautiful’ than it does about social media being fake. In a social media driven world you could be forgiven for forgetting these fundamental characteristics that make you ‘you‘, that make you an attractive person, however it is not wise to do so. At the end of the day, the most attractive thing about someone is who they are and how they choose to carry themselves – not how expensive their shoes are, how much their spanx hold in their stomachs or how big they can make that arch in their back in a photo of them wearing a swimsuit. It is unsettling to think that consumerism drives such a false ideal, which, when not managed correctly, can result in warped perceptions of reality and all sorts of body issues.

The secret to being ‘sexy’ is to be happy, be true and be you.

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