A Trip Down Memory Lane and New Favourites With Piari and Co


Fine dining in our state’s south.


A few months back, in the midst of our winter, I went on a little road trip (with the Volvo XC60 from Barbagallo) to rediscover the region that I grew up in. Growing up in Bunbury I was very fortunate to have our beautiful south west right on my doorstep, but I was even more fortunate that I am a part of a family that loved exploring it at any given chance. We were always out and about fishing, camping, road tripping, and I got to see a lot of picturesque spots. In my final year of high school, I spent almost every weekend commuting from Bunbury to Dunsborough to see my boyfriend. Needless to say, Dunsborough felt like my second home to me, and it was so comforting to go back to all those little spots I used to frequent some 7-8 years ago.

While some spots haven’t changed in years, the dynamic little tourist town of Dunsborough has been through some massive changes in general. There have been major roadworks, an influx of high-end luxury boutiques, and a boom in fine dining spots. A spot that I had been hearing a lot about was Piari & Co, so mum and I decided to stop in for dinner on our way back from Eagle Bay. A little unassuming at first glance (the restaurant is set back in an odd little corporate complex), Piari & Co had come highly recommended by many locals. I have a rule that if an eatery is full of locals, it must be good – and Piari & Co sure did not disappoint!

With a menu boasting gorgeous local fare, Piari & Co steered away from the wank and bought elegantly simple dishes to the table. After a big day of eating, mum and I found it challenging to get through our substantial entrees, but the steak tartare and scallops were too good to forgo even the tiniest bite. The scallop dish introduced me to black pudding for the very first time (it is actually really enjoyable in small bites – spicy and fragrant), in what I thought was a very a-typical but oh so delicious pairing. After a google search, and obviously my own sampling, I realised it wasn’t actually as odd of a pair as I had thought. Mains were equally as impressive with more interesting flavour combinations (the fish with the pickled octopus was a nice tangy surprise!) and generous portion sizes. Finally, with the greatest of difficulty, we managed to squeeze in one of their gorgeous pistachio and raspberry panna cottas between the two of us.

As mentioned before, I always trust eateries that are full of locals, and Piari & Co most definitely lived up to the recommendations we were given. After being delighted by their interesting and hearty winter menu, I am keen to pop in to Piari and Co again some time this summer to sample some of their summer dishes. Friendly chats with the staff, tasty drinks and another delicious meal at one of the local favourites would be the perfect end to a summer ‘trip down memory lane’.

Piari & Co
5/54 Dunn Bay Rd, Dunsborough WA

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