Say Hello To The Silly Season!


November 2nd: It is official, we are now well and truly at the start of party season!


Photographer: Ryan Ammon

Where in the world has this year gone?! November already?! It feels like only yesterday I was helping nonna prep the Christmas lasagna, and all too soon (and I mean, too soon) we will be at it again. As we kick off the party season – a season well signified by the severe lack of free evenings in my diary – it is time to start thinking about and planning your party wardrobe.

‘The silly season’ is always just that – ridiculously silly and busy. From now until February/March, the celebrations, festivals and events come rolling in thick and fast, bringing with them lots of nights out, plenty of drinks and just as many outfit changes. With so many things to get to during this busy period, and often very little time to get prepped, it makes sense to plan a solid ‘party’ capsule wardrobe. Built on a range of tailored basics and a few key head-turners, your capsule event wardrobe should be an easy, go-to collection of pieces that you can mix and match to create a new outfit in very little time. Of course I love my statement dresses, but when an event pops up with very little notice, it is handy to have a solid set of separates and a few sets of heels that you know work together every time. I love having a good selection of crops and pretty high waisted skirts ready to go, and even a few statement tops ready to pair back with a nice evening pant. Saving time and money is always a bonus! Throw on a slick of lipstick and you look event ready in no time at all!

Over the course of the next few months, I hope to bring you more event-ready style, along with hints and tips to make silly season fashion easier on the wallet and your watch.

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