Short and Sweet


The temperature is on the rise, and so are hemlines…


Manning Cartel Dress | Betts Heels | Zara Clutch
Photographer: Ryan Ammon

Party season is now in full swing, and it can partially be held accountable for my absence over the last week. Other factors include writers block, lack of inspiration and a slight ‘defeatist’ attitude, but we won’t go into that here – talking about parties is way more fun. Anyway,I will keep this one short and sweet. As I said, party season is now in full swing, and it seems the invitations were extended to the warmer weather also. With the temperature on the rise, my idea of the perfect event attire has changed. My focus is no longer solely on ‘wearing a pretty outfit’, it is now on how to stay effortlessly stylish whilst ensuring I don’t overheat or perspire profusely. Solutions to my predicament include me wearing shorter hemlines, keeping as little covered as possible (whilst still covering enough to remain elegant. How’s that for an oxymoron?) and, as I so poorly demonstrate here, an up-do to keep hair off my neck. In minimising the discomfort in the warmer weather by making strategic outfit choices, more focus can be channeled into actually enjoying the event and the wind down to the new year.



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