The Black Jumpsuit 2 Ways: Christmas Lunch


An elegant black jumpsuit can be so very versatile. Day, night, casual, glam… you name it, the jumpsuit will work for it!


Jeanswest pantsuit | Vintage hair scarf | Topshop Heels
Photos: Emily at She Does

With Christmas day rolling around all too soon (cue: massive panic and freak out), I have started channeling some serious thought into my Christmas day outfit. It isn’t the highest of my priorities, but working out what to pack for the trip back to see the parents does hold some importance. In previous years, I have made the mistake of wearing highly impractical outfits – dresses that show a little bit of clavicle and get nonna in a panic; elf costumes made to fit a 5yr old child; high waisted denim skirts – and this year I am determined to not make the same error. This year, I am turning the tables and leaning towards getting decked out in some of the most practical outfits I can get my hands on.

Enter: the black jumpsuit.

Modest enough to save nonna the heart attack**, this long-legged, elastic-waisted piece of genius is the perfect Christmas lunch outfit. With an adjustable waist to make way for the expansion, and plenty of extra material in the body and legs, discomfort is minimised to almost nil. It’s simple silhouette and trusty black colour palette also make this jumpsuit super versatile. Not only does that mean I can wear whatever accessories I please with it, but it also means I don’t have to travel back to Bunbury with a whole different outfit for Christmas dinner either (wink wink nudge nudge, stay tuned for Look 2: The Christmas dinner outfit!). See, practicality. One jumpsuit, 2 completely different festive outfits!

** She is actually a lot more accommodating nowadays, I do over exaggerate

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** Jumpsuit gifted