Easy, Breezy, Colour Girl


“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks best on you”

~ Coco Chanel


Carla Zampatti Dress (similar here and here) | Zu Heels (similar here and here)
Photographer: Ryan Ammon

Colour has never really been a fear of mine. I still remember being so proud about dressing myself in the most horrendous floral leggings and multi-coloured sequin ballet flats as a child, complete with matching multi-colour sequin flat brim cap. I had no bounds. To be fair, most children don’t really have any limits when dressing themselves. Gumboots, leggings and a tutu skirt are a great outfit for playing in the sand pit, right? Even as a teen I was coming up with crazy combinations to steer away from the typical country town style that was so common in Bunbury. At 15, I hunted down a pair each of hot pink, electric blue and silver (yes, metallic silver) tights to wear with my black and blue ‘Beetlejuice’ striped skirt and electric blue Melissa ballet flats. If it sounds garish, that is because it was… but somehow I got away with it.

While I have grown up and refined my style a little more (note: no more tights, ever), I haven’t lost that love for print, or colour, or the fun in playing matchy match, or mixing things up – I just do it in a more grown up way. The key to being able to wear colour and prints without looking childish or unpolished, is to pick more refined cuts, more adult prints (stripes are a good place to start) and colours as far away from fluorescent as possible. Nobody looks good in fluoro. The more adult you are in the choice of cut, the more liberal you can be when it comes to print and colour. For example, a well tailored shift dress can carry an array of Gorman-esque prints without looking childish, however transfer such a print to a skater dress and you immediately lose some of that polish and class.

Wearing colour and print needn’t be scary, you just need to be confident in choosing the right print and the right cut to complement your style!

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