Hair and Makeup: Getting Event Ready


Normally, I am not too phased on elaborate hair and makeup, I throw it in the ‘too hard pile’. But with more events on the agenda, I have started paying a little more attention to this thing they call ‘beauty’…


Hair: Aaron Paul | Makeup: Bethany Braun


My stock standard ‘event ready’ routine is fairly simple. I shower, get dressed, pull my hair out of a top knot to check the curl, tie it back up if the curl isn’t doing what I want/leave it out and embrace the wild, and slap on a little bit of mascara (and lipstick and bronzer if I am feeling fancy). Maybe ‘simple hair and makeup routine’ was an understatement? My routine is virtually nil.

To be honest, I normally don’t bother with too much because I worry about how it will wear. If I put on a beautiful smokey eye and it is 40 degrees outside, will is slide off my face? If I do my hair in a hair do that requires a fair bit of effort, will it fall out after 30 minutes in the afternoon sea breeze? Will all that time and effort on getting made up go to waste?

After sitting down and having my tresses tended to pre ‘The Lion King’ by the lovely Aaron Paul, and my face prettified by Miss Bethany Braun, I started to change my tune a little. See, all it takes is a little education. If you aren’t educated about something, you avoid it (or you bumble around like a buffoon, make false claims/incorrectly execute something and make a fool of yourself). This is precisely what I was doing. I was throwing everything in the ‘too hard’ basket, or ‘why bother’ bin because
a) I had no idea how to execute a nice hair do or makeup look (granted, I still don’t know how to, I still leave that to Aaron and Bethany most of the time)
b) I didn’t search for the answers to my frizz and flatness issues, nor bothered watching tutorials about eye makeup.

While ‘leaving it to the experts’ I also picked up a few expert tips to help me get a little more motivated to attempt hair and makeup at home. I learned that my frizzy little milk curls (not pictured because of the following technique) could be smoothed out not by trying to stick them to my head with gel (NB: this makes it worse), but by doing a light, dry blow dry of the offending area. I also learned that I could combat flat, dull hair with a combination of texturising powder followed by a shine spray. Add to this combination a smathering of dry shampoo, and you have a little tip on how to keep humidity at bay and stop your ‘do from going flat. My favourite new product is the setting spray that held my makeup in place for the evening – a product I never knew existed – and I can now see first hand what contouring does to my face.

After sitting, watching, listening and learning a little bit more, I feel a little bit more confident in attempting more than a top-knot and some mascara for a night out!

3-aaron-paul-bethany-braun-little-miss-mon-bonaaron-paul-bethany-braun-little-miss-mon-bon 2-aaron-paul-bethany-braun-little-miss-mon-bon