Mer Ka Ba Swimwear – From Beach to Bar


Spicing up the humble one piece with a plunging neckline, cheeky cut and added hood from Mer Ka Ba Swimwear…


Mer Ka Ba Swimwear Bast Monokini
Photographer: Ryan Ammon photographer


When I think ‘one piece swimsuit’, I am always brought back to the memories of high school swimming class and those god awful, highly unflattering one pieces we were forced to wear because ‘hashtag Catholic School’ (not a fond memory). In the 10 or so years that have passed since those middle school swimming days, one piece swimsuits have come a long way. Nowadays, one pieces are considered a fashion statement in their own right, with most popular swimwear labels offering at least one full piece swimsuit in their collection. The beauty of the one piece is that, unlike most bikinis, they can easily cross over from swimwear, to day or night wear.

This Mer Ka Ba Swimwear swimsuit is a perfect example of the versatile one piece. While it isn’t something I would bust out for every day use at the beach, it is a fantastic swimsuit to throw on when you know you will be pushed for time (ahem, you want to maximise your time by the water) before heading out to your next, non-water related activity. With the added bonus of having more coverage than a bikini (extra points for having a sun smart hood!), a stylish one piece is a smart choice for upcoming boat or pool parties that trail off into the night.

As the name of this post suggests, in the coming days I will have part 2 of the Bast Monokini swimsuit post – ‘Mer Ka Ba Swimwear at the bar’ – coming your way, so stay tuned for how to dress your one piece swimsuit up for every day/evening wear!

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