Making a List of my New Summer Essentials With


Oh how I love to be beside the seaside!


Lululemon bather top and bottoms | Kalite beach towel | Minkpink Sunglasses
Photographer: Ryan Ammon


With the average daily temperature starting to get up there on the scale, I am finding myself gravitating to the waters edge more and more often. If I prepare myself ahead of time, I could spend the entire day down at the beach without a problem. All I need is a good book (or magazines), some good tunes, an esky full of the essentials (wine may or may not be on this essentials list), my towel, an array of sun protection, and for mother nature to be on side and keep the sea breeze at bay. Spending so much time at the beach, I obviously become very aware of the little annoyances that come with being in a sandy, windy, wet, shade-free space for an extended amount of time.

Nothing annoys me more than the salt film that covers my phone screen after I have been at the beach and using it with salty hands; or the sand that sticks to the side of my water bottle; and especially the inability to lay on my back without the need to throw a t-shirt over my face (and risk near suffocation) to keep the sun out of my eyes. Unfortunately, up until this point, I have not been able to find anything to help combat these little nuisances, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking!

In my quest to find the ultimate beach accessories – accessories that make beach going that little bit easier and more comfortable (especially for the sandphobes out there NB: not me) – I was drawn to Pitchi.comWith thousands of innovative products in the one place, I did manage to find a generous amount of new beach products that I now feel like I can’t live without. On top of my list were these 3 products:

Sunny Jim Sunshade

An uuber stylish sunshade (complete with pegs and guide lines) with the highest UV protection in a product of it’s kind. It is the perfect protection from our harsh Perth rays, especially if you intend on being by the beach all day!


Finally, a way to lay on your towel, on your back comfortably! Simply pop a pillow or some clothes into the waterproof pillow pouch at the top of the pillow and lay away! No more backpack or sand mound pillows to be seen.

Ice Vino 2 Go

I did say that wine may or may not be on my ‘beach essentials’ list. Which also means that this ice cup is also on my list of beach essentials. With a frozen section built into the cup, wine stays cooler for longer in the glass during those summer weekend beach picnics.

With the addition of these 3 products to my beach going kit, I know my time at the beach will be made all that more comfortable. Although they don’t solve all of the issues I have, they have managed to solve a host of issues that I didn’t know I even had until I saw these products! Now all I need is a product that keeps all the sand where it is supposed to be; on the floor. And not in my ears, in my mouth, in the car, in my bathers…

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