The All New Times Square Claremont


Sometimes all you need is a fancy new outfit (ahem, fancy new street makeover) to look and feel fabulous!


The open, leafy streetscape that is Times Square Claremont (not to be confused with it’s indoor next door neighbour, Claremont Quarter) has really come into it’s own of late…

I have been a part of the Times Square journey for a long while now – from the first fashion store launch I attended way back in 2012, all the way through to the video series that Adelle and I filmed for them a few months back. Over the years, stores have come and gone (remember when Jonte had a flagship there?!), and the street has been kept interesting in it’s constant state of flux. Despite this, no change thus far has been quite as big as the facelift that was unveiled last week at the #TSCXMAS party.

Nothing could have showcased the new alfresco area, giant chess board and children’s play area quite like a good old fashioned Christmas street party! Broken up by a few guerrilla runway shows (styled by none other than Zoe Van Zanten), the family friendly affair highlighted the dynamic array of retailers, and the new relaxed outdoor area perfectly. In fact, it is actually hard to picture what it was like pre-alfresco area and single lane, one-way traffic!

In the next few months, the changes aren’t set to stop… Brooklyn’s barber shop will be set to open, as well as Beauty and the Beast supplements, and Cognilab – a children’s learning centre. 3 new retailers to further diversify the offering down Avion Way, and a good excuse to get my butt down to Claremont for a coffee and feed come the new year.

For more information about Times Square Claremont, including a list of current retailers, visit their website here.

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** sponsored by Times Square Claremont