2015 Roundup: The ‘Must Reads’ Edit by Inspiring Wit


2015 was a huge year for Little Miss Mon Bon. Read on below to catch my ‘must read’ posts, as chosen out by Jenelle at Inspiring Wit, from the year that was…


Happy new year! I hope you all had a fantastic break and are ready to get stuck into what is going to be an amazing year. In my absence, I road tripped to Bunbury and Nannup, spent some well deserved time on the couch (ahem, a LOT of time on the couch), and ate and drank more than should be legal… it was exactly what the Christmas-New Year break should be. With the new year, and all of my partying and relaxing out of the way, it is time to kick things off again on Little Miss Mon Bon with a 2015 round up.

This year, Jenelle from Inspiring Wit and I decided to do our yearly round up a little differently. We have both been through a lot this year, and as close witnesses to each other’s peaks and troughs, we thought a 2015 reflection by each other would be a fun way to cap off the year of blogging. So, without further ado (and with zero bias), please enjoy Jenelle’s guest edit of my top 8 posts of 2015.

It has been a big year.

2015 saw the shift in Mon that I could see budding in the first few months. I watched as my friend went from fun, flirtatious party girl (deemed in only the kindest way) to determined woman with a voice that rang louder than I had imagined. Reflecting on her blog posts for the year I found myself drawn to the articles which questioned whatever the hell Mon had been pondering that month as she pushed her voice further.


I think that the real ‘shift in gear’ came to play in March with this article in which Mon declared that her work was not to be defined by the confines of the man. The shift in thinking ‘how do I work for myself’ to ‘I need to make working for myself work for me’ is one that I feel came later for me personally and it has been inspiring to watch the journey that in a short time Mon has taken. Nothing is ever smooth-sailing, so her determination and advice is something that does not go unnoticed. 


In the style stakes, Mon has always been a bright personality with a few notable signature styles. Possibly one of the least minimal style bloggers I know, Mon explores print and colour to reflect her mood and spark conversation without going overboard. I have noticed a maturing of her style, with a push toward incorporating jewel tones (I loved her in this maroon playsuit!) and even black! I never thought I would see a self-confessed colour lover in a black jumpsuit!

I loved the articles on how to take office wear from day to night and finding your signature style – anything that can get you dressed and through the day quicker is good by me.

Mon Bon Athletic @ Kings Park // May 2015 http://www.littlemissmonbon.com/ Shot by Artist Liaison : www.fb.com/artistliaison

2015 saw LMMB introduce two new categories to the site, Fitness and Beauty. For the first time we were introduced to bendy Mon inspiring workouts to increase flexibility and try something different. Fessing up to an erratic workday, Mon explored finding your own type of workout to refocus on getting ahead of your task list, while having fun and feeling great. This was one of my favourites – just check out that easy-as-pie split!

SM Mon Beauty 3

I was pretty lucky to shoot a few times with Mon this year and loved this series on the beach for her tips on beauty for girls who rarely bother to do makeup. An ex-dancer, Mon has far more experience than I will ever have in perfecting the winged eye so I was ready to listen up to her tips!


I know Mon aimed to separate herself from the ‘food’ tag a little in 2015, but the girl knows everyone in Hospitality and is the first person I will email to ask about for any food/ drink recommendations. I loved this article on “Ladies Only Laphroig and Oyster Masterclass at Lot Twenty” mostly because I wish I had have been there! Jealous!! Those glasses and table all light up so beautifully are a dream!


Finally I could not ignore the Alex Hotel staycation article, which although the postcards from Bali at the beginning of the year were beautiful, the shots of Perth’s Alex Hotel bring back to many warm memories of our Fit Club Perth weekend stay. From rooftop drinks (that beautiful sunset and white lace pencil skirt!) to dinner at The Standard- this is the stay you need to recreate for yourselves in 2016!

I am more than excited to see where Mon develops LMMB in 2016. I loved putting together this guest edit and the chance to read back over the year and see this major swing in Mon’s journey. From shoots at the beach with the lovely Ryan Ammon, to luxe dinners, plenty of flexible yoga/ handstands in Lululemon and more words of determination to inspire empowerment, 2015 has been a big year.

xxx Jenelle (Inspiring Wit)

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